Cool Rave Accessories to Try this Year


If you’re looking for new rave accessories to try out this year, look no further than this guide. If you’re looking to learn a new rave toy or get in on the newest rave styles, we’ve got your back. While there are always new and exciting things to try out, there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. From poi balls to leg wraps, you’ll be all set for this year’s raves.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses are made to aesthetically change your field of vision, allowing you to see things differently. If you’re looking to get really trippy with your rave fashion and aesthetic, these are the glasses for you. You’ll feel just like you’re looking into a kaleidoscope, except the glasses will distort the hundreds of lights, lasers, and other things you’re seeing. Seriously trippy!

LED Poi Balls

Poi balls are used to perform or entertain others (and yourself) at rave events. They light up, causing blurs of light to trail around you as you whirl the balls around your body. You can learn tons of different tricks and techniques with this cool toy.

LED Light Gloves

LED gloves are another fun and exciting toy you can bring with you to raves. They feature micro LED lights at the tip of each finger, as well as an easily accessible switch that allows you to change the colors and modes while you’re using them.

There are many different tricks that you can learn with light gloves, including finger tutting, flails, conjuring, and more. Light gloves require a lot of practice, as the best performances are smooth and flowy. Some entertainers choose to glove to music at festivals to cause an even trippier experience.

Leg Wraps

If you’re bored of typical tights, like fishnets, you should try out leg wraps. They can greatly enhance your style for the day, and they’re sold in many different styles and colors. There are even leg wraps that light up, making your dance moves look even more extraordinary. If you’re looking for a way to light up your aesthetic without having to learn how to use a new toy, leg wraps might be the option for you.

Hula Hoops

Hula hooping isn’t just for kids anymore. Now teens and adults can indulge in this enjoyable exercise and performance element. Light-up and reflective hoops are both excellent choices for raves. Spinning them around will cause blurs of light or reflection, depending on the option you choose. Anyone can have fun with a hula hoop at a rave, but you can also take your skills to the next level by learning tricks and routines.


Dress up a mesh top with pasties underneath. While you may be familiar with boring nude pasties, there are so many other options out there for you, including flowers, hearts, and different cute designs. There’s no reason to make your pasties blend into your skin, pick a fun design and make them stand out! They make for perfect rave attire and will amp up your outfit!

Butterfly Wings

If your outfit is still missing something, you may want to invest in a pair of butterfly wings, but not the kind that you’re thinking. Butterfly wings for raves aren’t just your average Halloween store wings. They’re long and flowy and offer an element of nature and class to your outfit. When dancing, they can be swung around, as they’re often connected to your wrists and upper arms.

No matter how you choose to decorate yourself for this year’s raves, we’re sure that you’ll have a good time. Put on that body glitter, master those tricks, and get out there!

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