Cooling Tower Maintenance and Cleaning: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your cooling tower is necessary to ensure that there is no growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. How a cooling tower works is dependent on your maintenance plan. A good maintenance plan is vital in ensuring that your cooling tower works at its optimal capacity.

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If cleaning is not in your program, then you should adjust it. Dirty cooling towers are breeding ground for bacteria and can pull in the dirt through the piping. This, in turn, limits the efficiency of your system.

Why Cleaning is Beneficial to Your Cleaning Tower

Cleaning your cooling tower will not only stop the growth of microorganisms, but it will also ensure that there are no blockages in its system. Your maintenance plan should include schedules for cleaning and treating the water in your towers.

It is important to note that treating the water does not count as cleaning the tower. It is vital to drain your towers and clean them thoroughly to prevent unnecessary damage to your system.

Here are the benefits of cleaning your cooling tower.

  1. Reduce Unnecessary Water Treatment Costs

If you fail to clean your system regularly, it will need more treatments. Failing to clean your cooling tower regularly will only make you dig deeper into your pockets and make you pay more when it comes to maintenance fees.

Skipping cleaning will only make your system more susceptible to damage and inefficient processes. Cleaning is vital in preventing corrosion to your tanks, and your tower will work more efficiently if you do it regularly.

  1. Prevent the Deposit of Scale

If you have a dirty system, it is easier for the water to accumulate solid minerals within the system. When solid minerals build up in the system, they could reduce the efficient flow of water through your piping system and consequently obstruct the cooling process.

Scale and erosion in your system decrease efficiency. They come about when water in the system that contains mineral solids evaporates, leaving the solids to increase over time.

  1. Prevent the Growth of Microorganisms

Not only will microorganisms prevent your system from working, but they can be harmful to you and the people who depend on the system. Bacteria and algae reproduce in dirty water and warm conditions. In addition to being toxic, bio-film can cause corrosion in your system. Cleaning your cooling tower thoroughly will stop these problems from affecting your system.

It is advisable to drain the water in your cooling tower during the colder seasons. If the tower is too dirty during the warmer months, then you will have to schedule a cleaning. Bacteria such as Legionella is deadly and can be found in cooling towers that are not clean, and when water evaporates from the cooling tower, people who are nearby could breathe it in.

Some of the conditions caused by Legionella include Pontiac Fever and Legionnaire’s Disease. These diseases can cause death.Cleaning out cooling towers can, therefore, help to prevent some diseases and death. You will only benefit from a maintenance plan if it involves thoroughly cleaning out your system and regular treatment of water.


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