COP28: How Do You Find and Recruit Sustainable and ESG Experts?

The Climate Change Conference (COP28) offers the world a chance to examine the effect of the Paris Agreement. International organizations and the private sector will convene in UAE in November 2023 to discuss global climate transformative actions. During COP28, experts in the environmental sector, including the ESG, will be present. 

The overwhelming environmental challenges require recruiting experts to man each sector. For example, recruiting people with a deep understanding of sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices is crucial for compliance and fostering positive corporate responsibility in most environmentally conscious countries. Here is a comprehensive guide to learn about the basic environmental challenges of businesses and how to recruit sustainable and ESG experts.

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Environmental Challenges Faced by Businesses That May Be Addressed at COP28

One of the environmental challenges of businesses is compliance with climate laws. The cost of transforming their businesses to be completely environmentally friendly cost a lot. Besides, most governments don’t offer the right incentives for businesses to transform into climate-friendly companies. In addition, finding the right experts to operate environmentally friendly equipment is difficult. The most prominent environmental challenge for businesses is finance.  

Effective Tips for Working With the Right Sustainable and ESG Experts

ESG experts are rare species, and you require some knowledge in this aspect to get the best. Below are a few things to consider when planning to work with a sustainable and ESG expert.

Define Your Needs and Objectives

Start by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities related to sustainability and ESG within your company. Various industries and sectors might have interesting prerequisites, so it is important to grasp your particular needs.

Make sure that the identified roles suit your organization’s sustainability goals and long-term ESG strategies. This alignment will aid your recruitment endeavor and help attract candidates who share your commitment to these principles.

Engage With Professional Associations

Explore membership in professional associations related to sustainability and ESG. Associations like the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), or groups that focus on local ESG can be valuable talent pools. Establish partnerships or collaborations with industry associations. This can enhance your organization’s visibility within the sustainability and ESG community, attracting professionals seeking purpose-driven work.

Include Sustainability in Company Culture

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability and ESG principles through transparent communication. Imminent candidates with a genuine devotion to these qualities are bound to be drawn to an organization. Promote a culture that encourages employee engagement in sustainability initiatives. This can be reflected in existing staff members who are passionate about environmental and social responsibility.

Use Specialized Job Boards and Networks

Leverage specialized job boards and networks targeted at sustainability and ESG careers. Platforms like Sustainable Business, GreenBiz, and others cater particularly to experts in these fields, making them effective channels for recruitment. Go to industry webinars, conferences, and networking occasions in line with sustainability and ESG. The events offer opportunities to associate with experts who are effectively engaged in the sector.

Highlight ESG Commitments in Job Listings

Clearly articulate the commitment of your organization to ESG principles in job listings. Be transparent about the role’s contribution to sustainability goals, attracting enthusiastic candidates to make a positive impact. Job descriptions highlight your company’s corporate responsibility initiatives and ESG performance. This draws in ESG-centered talent and positions your company as a forerunner in feasible practices.

Emphasize Training and Development Opportunities

Emphasize your company’s commitment to consistent learning and development in sustainability and ESG. Provide training programs, certifications, and opportunities for professional growth to attract more candidates who value ongoing education. Demonstrate career progression paths within your company for professionals in sustainability and ESG roles. This signals to candidates that their expertise is valued and there are growth opportunities.


Recruiting sustainable and ESG experts needs a strategic and purpose-driven technique. By defining your needs, adding sustainability to your organization’s culture, and engaging with specialized networks, you can get professionals who suit your company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles. 

Emphasizing ongoing learning, conducting thorough interviews, and providing competitive compensation solidify your appeal to the best talent in the sustainability and ESG fields. Use the tips discussed in this guide; you shouldn’t have any problem working with the best sustainable and ESG experts. Finally, reach out to for more on ESG experts.

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