A Cut Above the Rest – How Corporate Videos Can Make Big Brands

Corporate Videos image 4994949949494Do you own a brand that is yet to be established? Do you desire to grow into a brand that is easily recognisable by customers and prospects in your target market? For this to happen, you must grow your brand awareness and stand out from the competition. However, getting people to pay attention to your brand can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, with the right tools, you can capture the attention of your audience with ease and grow your brand into a global icon. One of the tools you can use is video content. Several big brands around the world are killing it big with corporate videos, and your brand can also benefit from such videos.

Below is a look at how corporate videos can help you grow from just a small brand into an industry leader:

  1. Videos provide your brand with a wider reach

If you want your brand to become an industry leader, it must be easily recognised. And when it comes to raising brand awareness, video is the way to go. One of the many advantages of video content is that it has a very wide reach. To start with, it accounts for a huge part of internet traffic, with most people preferring to access the more interesting video content as opposed to “boring” text content.

On top of that, video is everywhere, from search engines to social media, mobile devices, and more. Therefore, you are guaranteed to reach a large audience of customers and prospects from all over the world. And with the video being highly captivating and engaging, you can be sure that the people you reach will pay attention to your brand content. High-quality corporate videos can thus help you to grow the awareness of your brand, leading to more recognition.

  1. Videos help to build consumer trust

For your brand to become an industry leader, one of the things you need to cultivate is trust with the consumers; you cannot be a top brand if the consumers cannot trust your brand message. And just like with building brand awareness, getting consumers to trust you is not easy. However, great corporate videos can make the task easier for your business.

To start with, video, unlike text content, offers a more personalised engagement. The audience can interact – though not usually on a real-time basis – with key personnel in your organisation. Therefore, they can put a face to your brand, which helps to make it more trustworthy.

Aside from personalising your brand, the video also helps to humanise it. It does this by evoking emotions in the audience with its visual and audio stimuli. With the right type of video and great content, you can influence the audience with ignited emotions, leading them to trust your brand more.

  1. Videos are a great way of sharing information

Another way to turn your brand into an industry leader is to become a source of relevant, accurate, and reliable information. And no medium is better at sharing such information with your audience than video. For example, using explainer videos, you can share special interest content with your audience. For example, say you are a software company, you can use explainer videos to show your audience how to use a software product.

Other ways you can share information with your audience is by creating video tutorials and testimonials for the products and services you offer. You can also create and share videos about research or case studies on topics of interest in your industry. With such relevant content, you can be increase your brand’s industry standing.

  1. Videos help to communicate with customers and public

Videos are not just useful for sharing information, they can also be used as an effective communication tool with your customers and the general public. For example, if you are planning to launch a product, instead of advertising the launch on print newspapers you can create a video announcement and share it with your audience across several platforms.

You can also use your video to tell your brand story, for example creating a corporate video about how your brand was founded, the products and services it offers, its portfolio, its mission, vision, business values, and goals, and so on. You can also use corporate videos as a public relations tool to help your brand build and maintain a positive public image.

And the best part about using video as part of your communications strategy is that it reaches a lot of people. Therefore, you can be sure that your message will go wide and far and reach the intended target audience.

  1. Video content encourages social shares and mentions

One of the current trends where video content is concerned is social video. Whether you are creating corporate videos for advertising purposes or just to share information with your audience, social video content can be of great benefit to your business.

YouTube is one of the best platforms where you can share your corporate videos, be it video adverts or informational pieces. Facebook is a close second option, and this one is perfect for advertising campaigns using the Facebook ads platform. Other social media platforms you can use to disseminate your video content include Instagram (especially if you have video stories) and Twitter.

The great thing about these platforms is that they have a wide reach, with each platform reaching millions of consumers around the world. Therefore, if you share high-quality company videos, you can enjoy a lot of exposure thanks to viral social shares and mentions. This, in turn, will help to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand.


With more and more consumers preferring videos over other forms of content, corporate videos are becoming a great tool for brands that are looking to grow. Therefore, if you can find a good corporate video production company your brand is able to benefit from the several benefits of video content, thus helping it to grow from a simple status into a respected industry leader.