How a Lemon Law Attorney Helps in Claims Eligibility and Correcting Lemon Law Myths

Some form of lemon law has been adopted by all fifty U.S. states to protect consumers who have purchased a lemon – a defective automobile. As in other kinds of laws, passing the lemon law is also to answer a widespread problem.

Correctly handled lemon law claims result in the recovery in terms of cash settlement, vehicle replacement, and repurchase of the vehicle of the manufacturer or dealership from the consumer.

Make sure to work with an experienced lemon law attorney to recover the maximum compensation for the insurance claim. Firms handling lemon lawsuits are experienced in a wide variety of motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, mini-vans, SUVs, motorcycles, scooters, and others more. Lemon law attorneys have the talent and know-how necessary to evaluate precise situations and weigh options available to their clients regarding recovery and the manufacturer’s responsibilities.

What’s Considered a Lemon by a Lemon Law Attorney

About a motor vehicle, a defective automobile or one that has a combination of defects that is beyond repair or cannot be repaired within a certain time frame or in a certain number of repairs can be called a “lemon”.

These automobile defect repairs may range from engine, transmission, and mechanical repairs, and, issues with the navigation system, and windshield wipers.

It is a misconception for lemon vehicles need to “qualify” as a lemon to pursue financial respite. The standards will vary from one state to another and what is suitable as the basis for lemon law claims will vary from case to case. This is the main point in consulting a lemon law attorney in the area to see if a purchased or leased automobile is a lemon.

How a Lemon Law Attorney Protect Consumers

Lemon laws are applicable in a different way depending on the state where the consumer lives. The pervading purpose of lemon laws is to provide the opportunity to consumers to take proper legal action against dealers or manufacturers selling defective vehicles.

Most lemon law claims handled by lemon law attorneys are settled out of the court. This only means that the manufacturer or dealer usually gives cash settlements or uses other methods to resolve lemon claims without a court decision. They may also resolve to replace the automobiles or purchase them back from the consumer. Whichever way is utilized, the result should be for the consumer to be freed from the lemon without incurring any form of loss.

A consumer can take legal action through a lemon law attorney and get additional financial compensation up to 3 times his loss if the consumer has been misled or lied to by the manufacturer or dealer of the lemon automobile.

Even when a consumer owns a car for more than a year and it may not be covered by warranty, still consulting a lemon law attorney has benefits. Consulting with a lemon law attorney is usually free of charge and they may represent the consumer without out-of-pocket legal charges.

Lemon Myths Answered by a Lemon Law Attorney

There are several misconceptions when it comes to lemon laws and a lemon law attorney may just be the perfect person to correctly answer them. Know the truth with a lemon law attorney and the truth will set you free!

Here are some myths that lemon law attorneys can further explain to consumers and help dispel the myth from the fact:

  • All lemon laws apply to only motor vehicles.

A lemon law attorney will tell consumers that in reality, lemon laws can apply to all types of products with warranties bought by consumers. This only means that various things like cars, motorcycles, personal computers, kitchen appliances, and others are covered under the state and federal lemon laws.

  • Lemon claims can’t be filed because they are used products.

It will not matter whether a vehicle or other products are used. A lemon law attorney will explain further that consumers can still file a claim or lawsuit if the product had a warranty or if there were promised repairs.

  • Lemon law will not protect products beyond their warranty period.

Some problems may have arisen within the warranty period yet were not repaired within it. If this is the problem, a lemon law attorney may still represent consumers to be able to find recovery under lemon laws. However, the lemon law attorney will have to thoroughly evaluate to see if this is the case.

  • The consumer may only take legal action if the vehicle has been taken to repairs for at least 4 hours or more.

One main thing that a lemon law attorney will ask a consumer is whether a lemon has been to a reasonable amount of repair attempts. It may be complicated to answer this on one’s own so employing the help of a lemon law attorney may be the consumer’s best move. The number of lemon repairs required depends on factors such as the state, the product purchased, the warranty period, and some others.

  • There is already no lemon law claim when the car is fixed.

Once a lemon; always a lemon. A fixed vehicle may still be a ground for taking legal action and filing a lemon law claim. Problems previously experienced may still reoccur, or consumers may still be faced with other vehicle defects in the future. By taking action with a lemon law attorney under the state lemon law, the consumer’s best interests are protected.

  • A car can be returned within 3 days of buying it.

Some consumer products may be returned within 3 days from purchase. This is not the case with motor vehicles though. Some dealers though opt to offer this kind of privilege but this is rather uncommon as it is not obligated by law. When a lemon is purchased, it is best to talk to a lemon law attorney about possible options rather than let the dealership deal with the problem and let them take the lemon back.

  • The dealership is required to inform consumers if the lemon purchased has been in an accident.

The answer that may be given by a lemon law attorney is that it still depends on the state. The dealer may or may not be obligated to inform consumers that the purchased vehicles were in an accident. The dealership may not even be aware of this in some situations.

  • Consumers can’t afford lemon law attorneys.

The best practice of lemon law firms is that they do not charge upfront fees for the services of their lemon law attorneys. This actuality combined with the high possibility of recovering money for lemon law attorney fees from the lawsuit will likely be for the consumer’s best interests. Consumers will end up with no out-of-pocket expenses with proper legal representation by a lemon law attorney.

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