How Much Does It Cost to Move A Piece of Furniture?

Cost to Move A Piece of Furniture

The cost of furniture removals is, on average, € 50 / m3. The price can vary between € 40 / m3 and € 90 / m3, depending on the amount of furniture to be moved.The specific services chosen, the distance that must be traveled to take the furniture to its new destination, and the presence or absence of stairs or ramps to facilitate access and transfer of objects.


The distance that the staff of furniture moving companies must travel can affect the total cost of the service. If you need to move your belongings from one house to another or from one house to a warehouse, the furniture moving company such as Delco Removals Interstate can calculate this cost based on the mileage that separates the current residence from the new destination.

However, it may also be the case that specialized machinery by expert such as Delco Removals is required to move furniture that is not removable, which will significantly increase the value of the service. If, for example, the move is within the country, the value per m3 ranges between € 40 and € 70, while if it is international, it is between € 80 and € 90.

Some companies do not charge a mileage fee if the distance is less than 50 kilometers, while other companies have a variable rate, even if the furniture move is within the same city. These types of companies usually have a specific rate per kilometer, which is multiplied according to the distance to travel. The value per extra kilometer can range between € 0.50 and € 1.


Time is one of the factors that will impact the budget of the furniture moving company the most. Some companies rate this work by the hour, while others do it for the entire project or per m3. In any case, the time dedicated to this service has a direct impact on the final costs. The time spent on furniture removals can be spent on various tasks: Packing the most delicate furniture, disassembling the furniture, moving it, reassembling it or preparing the new location before receiving the furniture.


The presence of stairs will increase the cost of hiring the furniture moving company, because they imply that the service will require more work, more time and greater precautions on the part of the staff to avoid damaging the furniture or the property.

The number of flights of stairs or landings will also affect your budget. Stairs with landings generally have lower ceilings, requiring specific strategies for maneuvering furniture Moving furniture in a room (such as a mattress, bed frame, nightstands, and dressers)) from a ground floor to an upper floor via a single-section staircase will take less than an hour.

On the other hand, moving the same furniture through a staircase that has a landing and low ceiling will take two hours because the maneuvers will be more complex. In addition, this move will also take more time because the company will likely need to disassemble the parts in order to move them from one location to another.

When there are elevators in the building, part of the pieces can be moved easily and quickly through them, which will facilitate part of the move. The rental of a crane truck or a lifting crane is around € 150 per day. Depending on the company, a price of about € 100 can also be charged for the base rent and an hourly price added.


Furniture moving companies may have an hourly rate or a fixed rate for the entire project, which will be modified according to the number of workers required to complete the service.

Many furniture moving companies will suggest the presence of at least two people to ensure that all pieces are moved safely, without causing damage to the home, the furniture itself or the physical integrity of the workers.

Additional Features

Depending on the volume, condition or type of the furniture, it is recommended to hire the packing and / or unpacking service, which can be estimated at about € 50 / h and represent approximately 30% of the total value of the move.

Although it is not mandatory, it is also possible to purchase transport insurance that covers damage and loss of personal items. Depending on the characteristics of the move (distance, volume of objects or types of goods, among other factors), they usually range between € 60 and € 180.


Most furniture moving companies offer free, no-obligation estimates for moving large pieces. However, to obtain a more accurate estimate, it is advisable that you provide accurate information on the size and characteristics of the furniture you need to move.

Do not forget to mention the materials from which they are made, the distance that must be traveled, if you need the furniture moving company to take care of the packing of your belongings and if there are stairs or other obstacles to overcome.

Also make sure to provide the correct data when requesting the costs of the service, since erroneous information may imply an increase in the budget once the furniture moving company arrives at your home and verifies that the work is more complex than what is expected. had foreseen.

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