Cost of living in Arlington Heights IL

Arlington Heights is an excellent place to live in Illinois. Although many people feel that Chicago is the best city in Illinois, there isn’t much difference between the two. When moving to this place, you need to understand the cost of living in Arlington Heights IL to avoid disappointment. 

When considering cost implications, it should be based on what you want to do in the city. If you are moving to Arlington Heights, IL with your family, understand that it will cost you more, than when moving alone or as a student. 

This guide will talk about the cost of living in Arlington Heights, why you should move there, and what to consider when moving to this city.

Things worth considering before moving to Arlington Heights IL

People considering moving here, here are some top things to put into considering :

How to move

Your first goal should be how to hire a good transport company to move you and your belongings to Arlington heights. Not all movers are experienced and are capable of moving hitch-free to this Illinois city. Hire a credible Arlington heights moving company that has a license and insurance to move across the country. It will also be a good thing if your mover has some great storage facilities for you. You can get good movers via recommendations, and online reviews.

Nature of Job 

The job you want to do should be considered when moving to Arlington heights il. Is your new working place far from your home? Are there good job opportunities in these cities? Luckily for you, you will find many startup businesses which can employ experienced and non-experienced hands to their company. 

Since Arlington Heights is a suburban area, you can find some excellent employment opportunities outside the cities. You could consider jobs around Rockford, Chicago, downtown, and Naperville. There are available minutes of rides you can take to these places.

Transportation system

If you aim to work in Arlington Heights, then you will probably think of your transportation options. Arlington can boast two functioning train stations, which are connected to the Metra rail. These trans can get you across to your place of work easily. You can be in Downtown Chicago within 25-30 minutes. If you are moving further, probably towards Harvard, or O Hare Airport, you can get there within an hour.

For buses, you could consider the Pace suburban bus system which can move you around the city easily. Arlington height has one of the best bus systems in the country.


Everyone wants some type of fun sometimes alone or with their family. There are some good entertainment options you can use in the city. You will find numerous restaurants and shops and retailers. 


If this is your first time moving to the city and you are wondering how you will live, you have nothing to bother yourself with. 

Arlington Heights operates a very diverse and lively community. The motto of this place is known as ‘City of Good Neighbors’. 

The locals are very friendly and look after one another. You will find many reliable people to relate with irrespective of your age. Arlington height is an ideal place to raise kids because the community cherishes great values. Once you move there, you can visit Arlington Mills Community center to talk with the locals.


People moving to Arlington Heights for educational reasons or with young kids should consider the educational opportunities present in the city. There are nice educational options for children in schools in this place. You will find pre-schools, high schools, and even colleges of education in this place.

For high schools, there are five public schools around the area: John Hersey high school, St Viator High shill, and St James school amongst others. If you need some educational resources to help you and your kids, take a visit to the Arlington Heights memorial library. 

Roosevelt University remains a popular Higher institution in Arlington where great courses are offered to students. There are also nice facilities which students can use to help themselves.

How much does it cost to live in Arlington Heights IL

Before moving to Arlington Heights, you need to understand the living cost in the city. Here are some good suggestions:

Home and accommodation rates

One of the biggest cost of living factors in this city is home rates. If you want to buy a house in Arlington Heights, you should budget around $520,563 if you are staying in downtown Chicago or close areas. Residents who want to rent an apartment should expect to pay around $1,610 monthly.

According to banking rates, a reputable financial consulting firm, to live comfortably in Arlington Heights, you will need about $78,906 yearly. However, if you move to rural areas close, you could find an apartment for $890 per month. 


Once your houses and salaries are sorted out, you will need to consider the taxes you will pay in Arlington heights. While taxes in the city aren’t high, you should know what to expect.

Illinois cities have a flat rate of about 4.96% as income tax. This means if you earn $60, 000 annually, you will shell out $2,900 to the state. For proper tax, this is about 5% of your house value.

Transportation cost

Illinois is known as a commuter city with more than 15% of its population moving for more than three hours daily. Based on information gathered from the US census bureau, Arlington Heights ranked 10 among the 15 worst commutes in the country. You can move around using the L train or public and private cars. With gas prices around $3.50 per gallon, transportations cost in Arlington Heights are a bit higher than the national average.

Utilities and Internet costs

You can save money in Arlington Heights when it comes to utilities. The price of energy and the Internet is 11% lower than in other heavy cities. Your energy bills should cost around $150.24 monthly while your phone bill should be about $130.46 monthly

Pros of living in Arlington Heights IL 

Here at some advantages of living in this city :

Cheap cost of living 

When moving to a new location, Arlington Heights is worth considering. The overall rate of living in this city is very cheap. When it concerns food items, utilities, and transportation, this is an ideal place to stay. 

Low crime rate

Arlington Heights remains one of the safest places to live in Illinois. The security system is great and the breakdown of law and order is rare. 

Low poverty rate 

Unlike some urban cities in the United States, the poverty situation in this country is small. The percentage of poverty in the city is around 5-6%. The standard of living of an average resident is comfortable. 


Arlington Heights remains an ideal city to move to when considering changing location. It promises cheap food, good education, and an affordable housing system. The cost of living in this city is fair when compared with other cities in surrounding areas.

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