Costume vs. Real Jewellery

Jewellery is a part of our daily attire. Wearing the right type of jewellery helps individuals not only feel beautiful about themselves but also is a status symbol today. Many of us buy a jewellery set, whereas some get an emerald necklace or vintage jewellery.

Jewellery items are available in either in golden yellowish tint or whitish glister. However, imitation jewellery or costumes can be nearly perfect in their appearance. Therefore, they look as if made up of gold or platinum; however, they are base metals with gold or platinum plating.

How to differentiate a costume jewellery item from a real jewellery piece?

There are some foolproof ways to find out whether your jewellery item is real or not. Keep reading to differentiate between costume and real jewellery in order to evaluate the right option for yourself.

1- Test the diamond under a magnifying glass

The fake diamonds are not so well-crafted to fool someone so easily. Real diamonds glitter a lot; they have a good shine from all their facets. Fake diamonds look shiny from the top; however, they do not shine from all sides alike; they derive their shiny base.

The difference becomes very evident under a magnifying glass. Besides, checking with a magnifying glass can also reveal the chipped-off edges and scratches of a fake diamond.

2- Test the jewellery set with a magnet

This option may not be the best; however, it works most of the time. If the jewellery item you want to test is made up of iron, then it’ll attract to a magnet.

Take a strong magnet; a powerful magnet will detect the smallest iron in the jewellery piece. Test the piece thoroughly.

3- Look for the signs of wear and tear

One of the best ways of evaluating a piece of jewellery is by checking the signs of wear and tear. Fake jewellery items with gold or platinum polish tend to fade away with time. Besides, you can easily tell other things like the scratches developed on them. You may need using a magnifying glass to find the small scratches and minute faded areas.

4- Brush against a hard surface

This option may be the least desirable, but it is the surest way of telling a fake jewellery item from a real one. It is instrumental in testing new jewellery items as they do not have signs of wear and tear.

Take sandpaper; rub the jewellery item against it. Preferably, take a small contact area as you would not wish a large portion of a real jewellery item to become dull.


The above-mentioned factors will help you to distinguish the right component. Using a strong magnet will help you know whether your jewellery item is fake or not. Testing the diamond or jewellery metal under a magnifying glass can also help in better analysis. However, brushing the jewellery metal against a rough surface is one of the most assuring ways of knowing its authenticity.

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