Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Fiancé Visa UK

Fiance Visa - image with COVID-19 tooCOVID 19 have a disastrous impact on almost everyone. Especially, the pandemic has led to a lot of confusion about the immigration status of people living in different countries. Not only has it led to border closures and countless travel bans and restrictions, but also modified the entire application process particularly 1:1 screenings and face-to-face meetings.

In this article, we’ll talk about the impact of the novel Coronavirus on the Fiancé Visa UK. Also, we’ll highlight some important things which Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa holders and their families may want to consider.

Fiancé Visa UK

Currently, applicants who’re already staying in the country and are applying for fiancé/spouse visa are required to fulfill the Minimum Income Requirement. However, the Home Office has announced a comprehensive extension program for individuals currently living in the UK on temporary leave who’re concerned that they might not be able to leave the country because of the pandemic when their visa expires.

This scheme is beneficial for the individuals who’re staying in the country on the basis of a Fiancé Visa UK but aren’t able to get married due to lock down and isolation.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa UK

A few weeks earlier, the UK Government announced that people whose visas end after 23rd January, 2020 are not able to return home because of on-going restrictions or self-quarantine will be able to get extension until 31st May, 2020.

This particular visa extension facility will be available to individuals who hold a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa which is expected to expire in this timespan.

Investment Funds

Although the majority of UK business visa holders will have been staying in the UK for more than a year now, and may be planning to invest their money in their business, there may be a few individuals who might have different plans.

It’s important to understand that a lot of visa applications submitted at March 2019 are either delayed or rejected. Some visa holders may have shifted from a Startup Visa that is still permissible. This apparently means that people who haven’t invested their funds yet may require to figure out attentively that where their money is held and should determine a timeline to invest their funds, so that they’ll be able to fulfill the investment fund requirements before the current leave ends.

Job Opportunities

Organisations which were planning to create job opportunities conforming to the current visa requirements, may be planning to delay while those who already have announced jobs must be having a difficult time in keeping workers over the upcoming months. There is no denying the fact that the UK Government has taken a number of effective measures to ensure worker’s protection, it’s still uncertain if entrepreneurs will be able to depend on time where they have a laid-off  worker who remains on the job.

It is also expected that the Home Office will announce additional guidance and rules regarding this issue, but until they do, organisations may have to independently plan on the basis that dismissed workers will not count towards the process of job creation.

Since jobs in the UK don’t need to be filled immediately, if there’s any sort of gap considering the employee is furloughed, the months prior and after will be counted to make up the one-year employment requirement.

Companies that have stopped the process of job creation for later time should ensure that they have ample time to create the employment opportunities in the UK for the posts they currently need.

ILR Applicants

People who have applied for ILR have to explain and prove that they have no more than 189 days consecutive absence from the country in any 1 year period. This 1-year span of time will be calculated depending upon when you were last allowed to take a leave. Noticeably, this compulsion isn’t applicable on minor dependents, but will be imposed on dependent partner subject to when he or she has been granted leave to remain.

Business Plan

Those applicants who have applied for visa extensions or ILR may have to clearly explain the below-listed things in their application.

  • Job title/detailed job description
  • Their role in the company
  • The way they’re implementing their business plan
  • What are their day-today business responsibilities

Definitely, some businesses must be having a difficult situation than others taking into account the COVID 19 crisis. Similarly, underlying plans of some businesses might be impacted too. All in all, every specific reason must be demonstrated as a part of the application.

Contact Your Immigration Lawyer

Make sure you get in touch with your immigration lawyer to keep yourself updated with recent changes in the UK immigration policy and the steps taken by the UK government to protect employees. Apart from that, your lawyer would be able to better guide individuals who’re not able to leave the UK due to current situation despite getting their fiancé/spouse visa expired.


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