COVID-19 Impact On Home Services Business

COVID-19 has certainly changed things. While many things have changed, there is one change that stands out above all the rest. The vast majority of the population has been spending a lot more time at home. When people spend more time at home, it puts more stress on the property.

Home services business - demand has grown during the pandemic
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This is especially the case when there are many family members living under one roof, but it can also be the case with fewer residents. It doesn’t have to be a house either. Apartment buildings, condos, and every other form of living has seen more problems over the past few months due to more usage.

Creative solutions to toilet paper shortage

As you have seen, there has been a run on toilet paper. At one point, many people didn’t have toilet paper, which led to some creative solutions. Most people would find a way to get toilet paper, even if it meant waiting on a line for hours or driving 50 miles to a retailer that was selling toilet paper.

In LA, one of the most populated cities in the country, demand for plumbing services increased. It’s a simple formula. If more people are using the toilet more often, it’s eventually going to lead to a problem. The most common problem is a clogged toilet, but there are also toilet mechanisms that need to be fixed.

Home services business busier than ever


When these problems arise, homeowners and residents contact plumbers in Los Angeles. Anyone familiar with the plumbers in Los Angeles knows of Ritz Plumbing, who have been around longer than almost every other plumber. It’s imperative that you do your own due diligence on plumbers in LA so you don’t end up going the wrong route. You don’t want to have a clogged toilet and mind. You want to solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Electricity and wiring

There have also been more problems with electrical items due to overuse. This has led to increased demand for electricians in LA. Once again, as long as you know who to go with, you should be good to go.

Many people have experienced job losses to due to COVID-19, but that’s not the case for all people who work and live in California. In the state of California, residents like to live comfortably and want things fixed as soon as possible. This has led to increased demand for plumbing and electrical services. In fact, these industries have seen their businesses thrive in the current economic environment. The question now becomes whether or not it will continue.

Trying to kickstart the economy – headwinds

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, is trying everything he can to get the local economy moving in the right direction, but there is not much you can do when riots begin to spread. When COVID-19 hit, everyone stayed at home and the economy was at a standstill. Just when it seemed as though we were recovering as a nation, the riots began, which led to protesting and civil unrest. While some people were out protesting, most people were staying safe in their homes and watching the scenes play out on television.

With more people staying home yet again, it once again led to increased demand for plumbing and electrical services, whether that be blocked drains or a damaged outlets. Blocked drains can be a big nuisance because it can lead to an unpleasant stench emanating throughout the home.

As we look ahead, the economy is likely to remain quiet over the next couple of months. This is bad news for most people yet good news for plumbers, electricians, and others in the home services business. We will likely get to a point where excitement of recovery leads to a nice little boom, but time will tell if that little boom will be sustainable.

Millennials may help drive the economy recovery

If we look at population demographics, which drive consumer demand, then the answer is yes, because the Millennial generation is even larger than the Baby Boomer generation, and the Millennial generation is entering its peak spending years as a group. In theory, this should help drive the economy forward, but theory doesn’t always lead to reality, especially when it comes to the economy.

Are your home service business contacts up to date?

In the event things head south when it comes to the economy, be prepared with a list of plumbers, electricians, and other home services professionals. If you haven’t experienced any problems yet, consider yourself lucky. It might only be a matter of time.

For those in the home services industry, you win either way. If the economy sours and people stay home, your services will be more in demand. If the economy flies due to renewed confidence and excitement as well as the Millennial generation entering their peak spending years, you will see increased home purchases. Increased home purchases lead to increased demand for home services. This is a good industry to be in right now.

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