How COVID-19 Affects the Online Casino Market

Although the casinos remain closed due to social distancing, online gambling still allows people to place bets and enjoy themselves.  The demand for online gambling has increased greatly since COVID-19 took over the world. In this article, we will be looking at how the COVID-19 situation affects the online casino market.

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COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of financial uncertainty globally, which has sent most of the countries’ economies crashing. There have been many layoffs and shutting down of popular businesses since the lockdown in late February and early March 2020.

With the end of this pandemic still not in sight, companies continue to suffer.  However, online entrainment continues to grow because many are using the internet.

Led to the Growth of Online Gambling

With many people being forced to stay at home, online traffic is surging in all the internet corners. Casinos are recording thousands of new visitors per day. This is due to the closure of land-based casinos. Thus, many players switch to online platforms. A good number of the players resorted to taking part in tournaments, poker rooms and playing the online slot games. A few countries have taken the opportunity to legalize gambling. However, others are still considering changing their gambling laws.

Several sources reveal that online gambling resources have increased anywhere from 10% to15%. For example, the March traffic in poker rooms and online casinos did make the highest jump in the last three years. However, they anticipate a gradual decline. Maybe players will quit due to boredom. Also, some countries may adopt strict laws regarding online gambling.

Sports Betting Took a hit

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The pandemic took a major blow in the sports betting sector. No major sporting events were going on for months as organizers canceled them. Also, other events like MLB, NHL, and NBA seasons are on hold. Sports betting firms are now cutting on the costs to help keep their businesses afloat.

Covid-19 has made it a do or die situation for the physical sportsbooks. Unfortunately, most of their retail outlets shut down. Online gaming providers depending on day to day fantasy businesses to help weather the crisis. Majorities are resorting to starting betting pools on topics like TV or politics shows. Besides, Sports associations and leagues are also turning to e-sports and game simulation.  All these have the capability of providing new betting opportunities.

Online Gambling Has Been Made More Fun

COVID-19 reached almost every aspect of society, including gambling. Many casinos opt to use the pandemic as one of their marketing strategies to help in attracting more players. Different operators are coming up with different interesting promotions and tournaments. Indeed, new customers will find this interesting. Again, Bonus programs are growing day by day together with more betting opportunities.

New Jersey Has Recorded a 65.7% Boost in Tax Revenues

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New Jersey is one of the many states that closed down all land-based casinos. Consequently, income fell by 61%. However, after one month, the online casino’s income tax shot up by 65.7%. New Jersey has the most liberal online casino laws.

An increase in revenues from the online casinos is a great indication especially during this Covid-19 period. However, there are platforms like NJcasinoo which are slowly becoming popular resources for the online casinos. They offer reviews and news of all the legal casinos in America. Hence, they make it easy for you to get the best out of online gambling.

Short Term Effects on Gambling Industry

Gambling firms must exercise lots of caution as they trade. Because most physical bookmakers closed down, there’s an increase in demand for online alternatives. Other affected sectors include casinos, bingo halls, and race tracks.

Most of the professional sports are on hold. On the other hand, e-sports betting is now leading the way. Besides, virtual sports and alternative sports like Virtual Grand National continue to raise lots of money for NHS charities.

Since the lockdown, online pokers’ popularity is off the roo. More players are talking and searching for it on online platforms. Also, Poker is providing good entertainment and the much needed social connection.

Other popular games include bingo and online slots. The search interest peaked for all these terms in the first week of lockdown. Lastly, lottery is also becoming a go-to game for customers. Over the last few months, there’s been an increase in the sale of lottery products.  But, ticket purchase is more of an online process.

Long Term Implications in the Gambling Industry

Here are some of the long term implications Covid-19 has led to in the gambling industry:


Most gambling businesses are in a recession and it will only get worse before it gets better. Gambling is a discretionary expenditure for most of the players. However,  studies reveal that it’s very resilient during the recession period.

Small Physical Locations Decline

With the social distancing guidelines continuing in the coming months, expect most of the consumers to keep off the physical venues. Even after reopening, small venues will find it hard to keep their heads above the water.

E-sport coming of age
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E-sport is the fastest growing sport around. And, COVID-19 gives them a greater boost. E-sport is best suited for social-distanced competitions. Thus, it could bring a completely new demographic in the sports betting world.

Closing Thoughts

Stock markets worldwide feel the wrath of the pandemic. However, the story is not the same with online gambling. Unlike other industries, they enjoy business growth. Most of the players tend to keep off the physical gaming locations due to the social distancing rules.  online bookmakers expect to register more new customers even after the pandemic goes away.

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