How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Going to Impact the Fitness Industry

Considering the mass closures ordered by various governmental authorities, it looks like the coronavirus condition is ready to cripple the gymnasium industry as well as many other types of businesses that have to do with fitness. Fear over person-to-person spread is encouraging the adoption of certain restrictions on individual freedoms, which have caused countless fitness centers to close down.

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That’s causing some people to believe that the fitness industry is going to contract as a whole. Some market figures would seem to suggest that this is true.

On the other hand, we’re going to end up seeing a great increase in the number of people who are doing things for themselves.

Online Fitness Communities are Growing Amidst Crisis

Look at how certain online communities such as Fitbug ( and even those on traditional social media sites like Instagram have continued to grow with advice regarding the best way to continue working out and getting into shape on your own.

While these online destinations have existed for a very long time, many people are turning to them now because they have no other way of getting information on new exercises or anything else. For instance, some people might have previously hired physical trainers and are no longer able to do so.

Since they don’t have the luxury of getting information from an expert they actually meet with, they’ve become more open to the idea of getting exercise data online. For the longest time, certain people were somewhat reluctant to do so since they weren’t entirely sure if the advice that they were getting was actually any good. Considering the current situation, those who have positioned themselves as experts online might stand to gain the most from things.

Influencers Attracting New Followers

Those who already have a certain degree of influence on social media coupled with a few impressive academic credentials may be able to promote themselves as fitness experts who are more capable of attracting those who might be in this situation. That being said, those who want to class themselves as experts had best actually be sure that they have the appropriate credentials to do so.

For that matter, they may wish to avoid commenting too greatly on the coronavirus situation if they’re not keeping within certain guidelines. Social media providers have stated that they’re going to enforce blanket restrictions on people even if they are from the fitness or healthcare industries.

Twitter’s admin team announced that they would be deleting any post that contains information about the virus that’s expected to be false. Nevertheless, a little exercise is always good for those who want to build up their immune system, which means that the demand might increase regardless of any restrictions put in place by those who run online outlets.

In fact, it seems that few could ever disagree with the proposition that getting into shape is good for your immune system. As a result, these statements might not be viewed as at all controversial regardless of anything put into place.

At the same time, legitimate supplement manufacturers and retailers who deal with their products are likely to be able to keep their businesses moving through what promises to be a rather tough time.

Opportunities in the Middle of a Crisis

Admittedly, people are going to need to go through some kind of verification process to prove that their products and advice are reliable. Just because someone was a personal trainer in the past doesn’t mean that they can suddenly keep their business going in the current environment.

In fact, there’s a good chance that a large portion of the market will contract. Considering reports that Netflix had to reduce service in order to avoid overloading system networks, it’s easy to assume that many concerned individuals would rather binge a favorite show than engage in a tough workout.

That being said, fitness gurus who want to continue to grow their businesses during this difficult time will certainly be able to. They might even position themselves as leaders for when the world emerges from this difficult situation. Since the economic landscape will have drastically changed at that point, there’s a chance that they could end up in a very good position to resume regular activities should they be able to keep a level head for the time being.

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