The COVID-19 Pandemic: How it has changed us all

The pandemic wreaked havoc around the world, affecting millions of people in a terrifying manner, but believe it or not, it did have some positive effects as well. The quarantine forced many people to distance themselves from their families while encouraging other families to get close. Many people stopped working, but many started new hobbies, doing things they never even imagined they would do.

Now, more than a year has passed, and the world has changed in unimaginable ways. In the earlier times, the future that we imagined, the changes we expected to occur in 2021 are far different from what actually is the reality now. Let’s see how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed us all


Ever since the pandemic began, the education sector suffered the most out of everything. Schools and colleges were closed, and an online education system was employed – which wasn’t effective at all, to say the least. It damaged the studying habits and attention span of the students, but it also helped other students as well.

Many teachers and Professors made the learning experience much more creative for the students, making it as interactive as possible. Some even used Minecraft to make learning more enjoyable. On the other hand, the teachers that did not know how to properly use the technology to their benefit ended up neglecting a lot of students.

Overall, the journey was quite tough for students, but they somehow managed to get through it.

Mental Health

Remember when everyone got a week off because of COVID-19? Remember how happy everyone was? The happiness changed to despair as the week turned into months and then a year. The very first week of the pandemic itself showed how desperate everyone was to go out and meet with their family and friends. As time dragged by, the pandemic badly affected the mental health of everyone around the world.

Not being able to go out to meet with your friends and family is nothing but torture. An innumerable amount of people were reported to be suffering from depression. What’s more, once things started to get better, most were struggling to interact with people around them, suffering from severe social anxiety. The anxiety combined with the depression and staying at home all year long has made countless people develop self-esteem issues.

Tackling this situation and overcoming it will take quite a lot of time, but it’s not impossible.


COVID-19, the virus that spread rapidly around the world, but what truly spread like a wildfire were the rumors. Unimaginable numbers of theories have been shared regarding the cause behind COVID-19, and how it spread. Some believe It was meant to be used as a bioweapon, while the more religious people believe that it’s a misfortune sent by God.

The rumors are getting worse day by day, spreading nothing but confusion and terror worldwide. What’s more, the vaccine is out, and guess what? Yep, there are already several rumors about it. Some say you’ll die after 2 years, others say that it’ll render you infertile, and then we have people who think that a chip I being inserted to gather information – I know, I know, but these are some of the rumors that are going around.

Moreover, there is no harm in making a joke, but spreading false information can considerably worsen any situation. Research has shown that such rumors have led to thousands of deaths. That’s how bad it is!

New Habits

Every year the world changes a little in countless ways, developing new trends, adopting new habits. The year 2020 made some mass8ive changes, turning the side effects of COVID-19 into cool, fashionable accessories – I’m talking about masks here.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people complained about feeling suffocated from the mask, saying that it was useless to wear it. However, before we knew it, companies started making custom masks to suit the wardrobe of various people. Now, everyone wears a custom mask that goes well with their clothes – which is good, as long as they’re staying safe.

What’s more, the pandemic encouraged businesses to implement SOPs and keep their area clean. Before, people didn’t even wash their hands before a meal, but now they sanitize everything around them. Pretty convenient, right?

Social Life

The biggest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was on the social life of people around the world. The once-bustling streets of popular cities like New York were now very much empty due to quarantine. The pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, making it impossible for them to meet their loved ones. However, this gave more popularity to the virtual world, or more specifically, the gaming world.

Gaming became a source of socializing and comfort for millions of people around the world. Multiplayer games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and GTA V especially earned more fans during this period. People also discovered a lot of hidden gems, like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Elite Dangerous. Additionally, services provided by ElDorado make the gaming experience much more relaxing and reliable. So, for those who are worried about games being too expensive, there’s a platform that can help you find the best prices available.

The Bottom line

The virus took the world by surprise and made some really massive changes. Some of them were absolutely terrible, while others were a bit on the good side. The change will continue to occur since new strains of the virus keep popping up. What do you think the latest strain will change?

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