How to Create THE Perfect Summer Party


Perfect summer party - image 399399As the months go by, we get closer and closer to summer. Sun, water, and refreshing cocktails or just some of the highlights of everybody’s favorite season. The question is, “how can we host the absolute greatest summer party ever?“ We may have done it in the past, but now we have to outdo ourselves. It’s not very difficult to host the perfect party, but all the things must fall into place.

Here are some tips to hosting the perfect summer bash that everybody will remember for years to come.

Think of a theme and decorations

Any well-organized party should have a theme to stick on and decorations matching. This is not a tough thing in case you start planning beforehand. The theme could be an idea you want, considering your guests of course. For summer parties there are movie nights, tropical or beach party themes, etc. Pool parties are among my favorites for summer. In case you have a swimming pool, it would be great for a beach party theme. Ask your guests to dress in similar colors, and bring some themed floats of different kinds, such as inflatable pool hammocks, loungers, mattresses, and beach balls. You can even decide on some inflatable pool games like beer pong on floats or even have an inflatable jet-ski and “drive”.

Invite The Right People 

The first thing you need to do is invite people. Now, you don’t have to invite every single person. That tends to make you look a little bit more desperate than it should. Invite key people directly, and have them invite their friends and other mutual friends. It’s good to have an event website builder that creates a site with all the information already laid out. This all adds to the hype.

Having the greatest summer party ever is mostly about having people excited for the greatest summer party ever. Hype builds notoriety. Notoriety builds more hype. A website and a social media page is perfect for that. Just have all the information on line and you’re set.

Surprise Food

When it comes to a summer party, everybody goes for the drinks. For the less experienced, this may be the absolute highlight. But that’s an every party. The real star of the show should be the food. If you’ve got good food coming out in the middle of a summer bash? Everybody is going to be elated.

This isn’t your grandma’s dinner party, but something like pizza makes everyone happy. Everybody is going to freak out over your delicious food. That’s the kind of energy you need to bring. So while everybody may be mixing drinks and pouring shots, always have that delicious and filling ace up your sleeve.

Macaroni salad and sausages are perfect. You can get them at any deli, any grocery store, and it’ll be a smash hit. Macaroni salad for the vegetarians, sausage for the carnivores, and the omnivores can get whatever they want.

Perfect summer party - 2nd image 4993Technical Crew

Having a crew is absolutely crucial. The crew should do three things: manage the amount of people inside, manage the music, clean up after. Once you have all of that down you can book and your event. Doesn’t matter how small or large your crew is. As long as you have people that will prep, manage, and clean. You can hire a group to do this for you, or you can do this yourself.

Hopefully by the end of this, you have a good idea of how to host an amazing summer bash. Drinks and music are always going to be a part of it. Whether or not you have a body of water close by your pool is a variable. But no matter what, hype, food, and the management crew will keep things running smoothly and everybody safe.

Also, have a rideshare or taxi service on call the entire time. You don’t want any accidents happening coming out of your party. Aside from that, have fun, plan well, and prepare to be tagged in pictures for months to come.


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