How To Create Video Ads For Social Media

Video ads boost conversion rates
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With every passing day, social media is getting more and more competitive. Unlike the past, creating a social media ad no longer suffice and you need to walk the extra mile to attract the viewer’s attention. This does not necessarily mean that you have to outsource the advertisement creation to a professional.

Realize that no one understands your business as much as you do. Hence, you will be the best person to convey the essence of your business offering to the target audience. With the easy availability of advertising editing tools, these days, you can create video ads online even if you do not prior editing experience. In this article, we will provide you tips to create video ads from scratch.

Choose Your Tool

The first step in creating high-quality social media ads is identifying the tool. Try to go for a video editing tool that has the ‘text on screen’ storytelling feature. These videos are simple to create, and you just need to talk about how your product is a solution to a problem faced by the viewer.

Alternatively, several video editing tools let you choose a template and personalize it to make your video. When you launch a new product or have a major announcement to make, you can choose to create a video from scratch. InVideo is an intuitive video editing tool that gives you complete freedom on social media advertising video creation. The tool allows you to create multiple versions of the video with different aspect ratios as per the requirements of the social media platforms.

Ensure Consistent, Action-Packed Videos

Studies show that the attention span of the average internet user is decreasing with every passing day. Ideally, you should edit the video such that every second of the content adds value to the viewer. Start by trimming the video to do away with the shots that drag the video. Then add relevant transitions to the video so that the viewer does not feel tempted to drop off.

Color correct the video to maintain the consistency of the footage. To give your viewers a better context of the advertisement, we recommend that you add textual captions to your post. Use a font that is readable and in a contrasting font. Depending on the nature of your video advertisement, you can use an intro maker to come up with a poignant intro that will keep the user hooked to the content.

Add Music to Your Videos

Music helps to give context to your videos. For example, you can use a piece of dramatic music while introducing a new product whereas soft music is ideal for situations where you want to strike a chord with the audience.

When you add music to your promotional videos, make sure that you do not use any copyright-protected audio. YouTube and other social media platforms take strict legal actions against copyright violators.

Plan Your Carousel Advertisements

Most social media platforms have a restriction on the video length. Often, when you have a planned video, it is a challenge to convey the message in a minute. In such a situation, you can plan your promotional video as a carousel post. Platforms like Instagram allow you to have up to 10 videos on a carousel ad.

Each part of a carousel post can have its link and CTA. That way, you can promote multiple products in a single ad. As you increase the time on the ad, you have the luxury of pushing more useful content into the ad, and higher will be the chances of a click.

Ensure that your Call-to-Action (CTA) Stands Out

Regardless of the social media platform where you wish to post the video, make sure your video guides the viewer into the next action. Having phrases like sign up, tag a friend, or shop now helps to give viewers clarity on what is expected of them.

However, try to understand the taste of your audience before you create a CTA. That way, you will know the style and tone that appeals to them, and you can maximize the ROI on your ad creation. While posting an advertisement, you can place the copy in the following places.

  • You can have the CTA in the news feed description that comes above the ad.
  • Some social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to add a CTA button to the advertisement.
  • Proper planning will allow you to add the CTA as textual content in the advertisement.
  • You can place the CTA in the headline on the URL of the advertisement.
  • If your promotional video has a voiceover or a subject who does the talking, have them talk about the CTA.

Optimize the Length of the Video

Different social media platforms have different restrictions on the video length. Before you post your video ad, study the platform and understand the length of the viral videos. Often this is different from the maximum allowed length, and you need to optimize the content accordingly.

Export Your Video

As the last stage of your video creation process, you need to export the finished video. Most video editing tools require you to select the resolution. The thumb rule states that the higher the video quality, the better is the viewing experience. However, you need to understand that most social media users will use their smartphones to view your content, and 720p will suffice. By curtailing the video quality, you reduce the bandwidth requirements and ensure that the viewer can watch your video while on the go. After you render the video, you can download it to your device. Dome video editing tools allow you the luxury of uploading the promotional video to the social media platform without having to download it to the device.

In today’s world, creating a video ad is easier than ever before. With the above tips, you now have a clear understanding of how to begin your ad creation. As you create stellar advertisements to attract newer audiences, here’s hoping that this article contributed to your social media marketing journey.

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