Creating a Healthy Work Environment: Empowering Employees through Corporate Therapy on Calmerry

According to the World Health Organization, about $1 trillion and 12 billion working days are lost every year due to mental health illnesses, including anxiety and depression. On the good side, companies can minimize losses by preventing mental health risks and promoting mental well-being at work. 

Offering support to employees with mental health conditions is key to creating a healthy work environment that benefits all employees and the corporation. This article discusses the benefits of a healthy work environment and how corporate therapy helps to create and maintain it. 

What Is a Healthy Work Environment?

A healthy work environment is based on diminishing or even eliminating all the risks that can lead to mental health conditions. For instance, discrimination, inequality, and job security can all pose a risk to employees’ mental health. 

A healthy work environment should provide each employee with a sense of empowerment, achievement, and confidence. Positive relationships with colleagues and management, inclusion in the workplace community, and structured routines all contribute to creating a healthy work environment. 

A healthy work environment does not only mean there is a lower chance of staff turnover and fatigue or burnout that decrease productivity, it also means that employees with mental health conditions improve their well-being, confidence, and social functioning, and have a higher chance of recovery. 

At the same time, a healthy environment at work lowers tension and conflicts at work, which eventually lead to higher productivity, innovation, and improved employee performance. 

In other words, an unhealthy environment at work impacts individuals’ ability to do their job well, and even their willingness to attend work in the first place. 

How Does Corporate Therapy Work?

Corporate therapy helps the workforce become more effective and improves each employee’s experience at work, leading to better performance. Corporate therapy enhances communication skills and work relationships. 

World Health Organization states that, for every $1 spent on mental health at work, companies generate a $4 return on their investment in terms of productivity and improved mental health. 

Traditional therapy refers to bringing professionals on-site, but this can be quite expensive, and may even be unfeasible for small and medium enterprises. Also, if the company’s employees work remotely, on-site corporate therapy becomes impossible. 

Because of the limitations of in-person therapy, many corporations opt for online corporate therapy instead. For instance, corporate therapy on Calmerry offers a more affordable, convenient method to create a healthy work environment. 

Professional counseling services on Calmerry can be accessed via texting and video calling, helping employees to become better selves and better employees. Also, Calmerry offers a personalized approach to counseling strategies, so that each employee will be matched with a licensed therapist specialized in their unique needs and issues. 

Benefits of Calmerry’s Corporate Therapy

Calmerry is an online counseling platform that provides mental health services for a wide range of issues. More than 600 licensed therapists specialize in work-related stress, burnout, depression, absenteeism, imposter syndrome, high turnover, and anxiety, among others. 

Calmerry’s corporate therapy sessions can be either via texting or video calling. Sessions are extremely flexible, and highly recommended for people with busy lifestyles, or employees with other responsibilities outside of the workplace, such as childcare. 

Texting therapy allows employees to get in touch with their assigned therapist daily and obtain the support they need throughout the day. Video sessions, on the other hand, last 30 minutes and may be necessary to address specific issues. 

Also, each employee must complete a questionnaire in which they mention their problems, such as anxiety or stress. Based on these answers, Calmerry matches each employee with a therapist experienced in their specific issue. 

In addition to this, the Calmerry platform provides each employee with multiple resources and tools to improve their mental health. Ranging from educational articles to journaling, mood-tracking, and several courses and worksheets, each employee is actively encouraged to find coping mechanisms and improve their well-being. 

Apart from offering a highly efficient environment for employees, Calmerry has several benefits for employers, too. Firstly, the employer receives access to dashboards where they can see how much progress the employee makes, and what services they use. By keeping track of employees’ activity on Calmerry, you can see improvements in real-time by checking goals, performance during the sessions, and other useful information.  

Moreover, Calmerry offers flexible payment plans to suit any type of business. The pay-as-you-go payment plan means that the company pays only for the services the team requires, whenever they need them. Alternatively, the per-employee-per-month payment plan is suitable for ongoing mental health support. 

Finally, employers can also contact Calmerry’s support for more details and to receive a tailored payment plan. This helps to create a flexible payment plan based on the real needs of your employees while keeping costs at a minimum. 

Overall, Calmerry’s corporate therapy helps to:

  • Teach employees how to deal with professional and private issues that affect their performance at work;
  • Improve communication skills and relationships at work, creating a healthy work environment for everyone;
  • Improve work culture and stay away from toxicity such as jealousy, insecurity, bullying, or harassment;
  • Reveal and resolve problems in the workplace that managers or top management may not be aware of;
  • Resolve conflicts at work and nurture collaboration;
  • Avoid or eliminate stress, anxiety, fatigue, or even burnout, leading to increased employee productivity and efficiency;
  • Integrate new employees into the work culture and environment seamlessly;
  • Attract and retain top talent by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being and mental health. 

Finally, Calmerry offers an efficient way for corporations to improve work culture and performance. The platform offers a free demonstration of how the platform works and has flexible and affordable payment options lower than traditional in-person therapy. 


Overall, employees are the best asset of any company. Corporate therapy is a tool designed to maximize this asset, so employees are coached on how to receive their full potential at work, enhancing their work style and productivity. Corporate counseling is crucial for any company nowadays as many work cultures could feed mental stress or burnout, so corporate therapy can help address these issues and teach employees how to develop efficient coping mechanisms. 

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