Creative Ideas to Help Indie Booksellers Stand Out From the Crowd

Today, in the modern world of technology, streaming services, and online shopping, local independent bookstores are struggling to find their place. For many book lovers, however, local stores with their unique and friendly atmosphere, coffee bars, and cozy corners are exactly what they need.

If you own a local independent bookstore, consider using creativity and passion to help you connect with your customers in a way mega stores and websites never can.

Here are some creative and unique ways bookstores can leverage technology to establish an online presence and enhance customer engagement: 

Virtual Book Clubs

Consider hosting virtual book clubs where readers can join online discussions about selected books. Use video conferencing tools to bring readers together for interactive conversations.

This can provide a connection for people who live in other areas, who can’t find the time to meet in person, or who prefer to stay at home. Many book lovers are introverts who enjoy book discussions but don’t want to add another social commitment to their lives.

Digital Scavenger Hunts

If you have an online presence, use it to build camaraderie and connect with your customers through an online scavenger hunt.

Online scavenger hunts using clues related to book titles, authors, and genres are entertaining for book lovers and help your audience learn their way around your website. Participants can search your website for answers and win discounts or free books. Having enterprise search features set up on your website can make this easier and more fun.

Author Q&A Sessions

While author appearances and book signings are staples of bookstores, virtual author experiences are a modern option that small stores can utilize. Organize virtual author Q&A sessions and meet-and-greets through live-streaming platforms. This allows readers to engage with their favorite authors, even if they can’t attend in person, and more authors will be able to fit these virtual sessions into their schedules. 

Personalized Book Recommendations

Book lovers are always on the hunt for their next favorite read. Help them out and entertain them at the same time with personalized book recommendations. Create an online quiz or chatbot that helps customers discover personalized book recommendations based on their preferences and reading habits.

You can also set up a similar system for your in-person customers by having book recommendation centers set up in your store. There are many ways to do this, but however, you choose to go about it, make your display attractive and entertaining to catch the attention of your customer. 

Book Subscription Boxes

Subscription services are popular and for good reason. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a surprise package with your favorite kind of item each month? Small booksellers can jump on this trend as well.

Consider launching a subscription service where customers receive curated book selections delivered to their doorsteps regularly. Use a website or app to manage subscriptions and preferences. Having a themed subscription is perfect for people who enjoy specific genres, or consider offering a surprise box each month with a variety of items that coordinate with the topic of the book.

Online Storytime Sessions

Kids and parents love storytimes at bookstores and libraries. If you host in-person storytimes, consider also offering an online version. Hold virtual storytime sessions for kids who can’t visit in person. Have live sessions of you or guest storytellers reading aloud from popular children’s books. Consider using props and animations to make it engaging and record the sessions to add to your social media accounts for people who couldn’t attend live. 

Literary Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are popular and people love the challenge and chance to work together with their friends. Create an escape room challenge inspired by famous books or genres. Set it up so that participants can solve puzzles and riddles related to literature to “escape” within a time limit. You can also create online escape room challenges on your website to entertain your customers.

Book-Themed Social Media Challenges

Using social media accounts is a great way to connect with your customers and create closer relationships. Launch book-themed challenges on your store’s social media platforms, encouraging customers to share photos, reviews, or creative content related to specific books or themes. Make sure to stay on top of comments and responses so your audience feels included.

Interactive Book Covers

As a way to make your website or online store more engaging and interesting, consider developing digital book covers. These interactive covers can reveal more about the story when clicked or hovered over, providing readers with an interactive sneak peek.

If you don’t know how to create these designs, consider finding a talented freelancer to do this for you.

Art Exhibitions

Art and reading go hand-in-hand, and you can support the arts in your community by offering to host artistic works in your store. Create a galleria atmosphere, hang paintings by local artists on your walls, and add sculptures to your sitting areas.

Make sure that these local artists add sale tags on the pieces of art that they are interested in selling. You can also collaborate with local artists to create digital art inspired by books or host virtual art exhibitions that blend literature and visual arts on your website.

Crowdsourced Story Collections

If you have a large audience, consider collaborating on writing or storytelling projects. Invite customers to contribute short stories or essays related to a specific theme, or work together to create a community-created story. Compile the submissions into an e-book anthology or offer it online for all your customers to enjoy.


By thinking outside the box and embracing creativity, indie bookstores can not only establish a strong online presence but also offer unique and memorable in-person experiences that set them apart from larger retailers. Add experiences and innovations that allow your customers to see your shop and website as a destination instead of a store, and you will have customers for life.

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