Why is a Creative Name Important for Your Business?

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“What’s in a name?” as the great Shakespeare wrote for Juliet. If you present a brand name of a particular trendy new gadget to a teenager against the generic option, it doesn’t matter whether the basic choice can do everything equally or offers the same features at a much lower cost.

The value for these kids is in the name. The same is true for adults, though many won’t admit it. We tend to believe that because something has a prominent name, it is much more functional and effective. This is how it generally works for brand names and that of the business itself. The right name ideas will depict something recognizable, memorable. It is why selecting one should be primary in your company’s startup plan.

What Are The Reasons A Creative Name Is Important For A Company?

Relevant to the consumer’s perception of the places they patronize are their names. A catchy, fun, name that sticks in mind makes an ideal first impression. You only get one chance to do that, and it will either make or break the relationship between you and your target group. If they have a good time with it and associate it with what you offer, you’ll likely win them over.

This is why picking a moniker should be among the most time-intensive processes of your ‘marketing’ concepts. Unless that is, you are quick on your feet, gifted with wit, and can instantly tune in with what appeals to your audience. Some advice as to why you want to invest time in this stage of your business plan:

  • Introduction

When you have your ‘ribbon-cutting ceremony,’ you will not only be presenting the name, but you will be introducing consumers everywhere to who you are, what your brand is about, and who you hope to represent. The words on the sign are more than merely a title; there is an entire story that goes with it, and it needs to have an impact.

The right one will be concise, catchy, but not kitschy, and able to be retained. The title will convey everything that you hope to say without you having to utter a word like a warm handshake to each individual customer.

  • Not Too Obvious

You don’t want to present all your cards with this concept. There is a danger to your company in doing that. Startups may begin with a specific type of goods or services, but hopefully, the intention and the business plan outline goals and deadlines for progression, branching out in other directions, eventually with different products.

If you make a name for yourself that is too explicit, such as ‘Labels,’ you can still expand, but how will people know you do more than labels when they view you? If you were to start immediately as ‘Labels Etc.,’ people would anticipate perhaps you would sell a multitude of office products. It’s critical not to restrict yourself to the public with a name. Read here how to choose an appropriate moniker.

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  • Unusual To Your Industry

In each industry, there is massive competition making it challenging to find ways to stand out from the crowd. You have to take each creative opportunity to make yourself unique from everyone around you.

Your character, talent, creative ability, flair all speak through these types of choices that you make. Some vibrant and distinct from all the others who tried to follow the trends will draw the eyes and bring the group in to see what the innovative business has going on.

The right name speaks that you’re not afraid to put time and effort into pleasing your audience. That will translate into customer service in their mind as well as efficiency, effectiveness, and functionality. You can’t help but win out over your industry.

Name, logo and brand always on your mind

Marketing can be challenging, especially for those just starting. And each thing that you do for the company can be construed as marketing because you are consistently working with the customer in your thought process from the name you choose to your logo to your brand to the advertising pens you pick.

Keeping your identity fresh, engaging, and memorable is a constant if you want to be successful. But success is subjective. Because once you achieve what is ‘success,’ are you finished? Not likely.

A real businessperson is always moving forward, making new outlines, creating new goals and deadlines to accomplish those feats. You can’t ‘pigeon-hole’ yourself with a restrictive name that you’ll only need to change so you don’t ultimately self-defeat.

Final Word

The takeaway is to make sure you put significant time and effort into the naming of your startup. It’ll show whether you do or not. Your preferred demographic is waiting to see what you come up with, so they know if you’re worth their time.

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