Credit Cards With No Credit Check or Security Deposit

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To apply for a best credit card, have favorable loan conditions and best mortgage rates you need to have a credit score of 760 or above. But what if you are a beginner and have a poor or no credit history? Or you don’t have much money for deposit and can’t have secured cards. Then what is the way out? How can you grab a suitable credit card with no credit check or without any security deposit.

There are still some competent credit card options that help you to build an excellent credit history without asking for a credit check and security deposit. Rather they approved your request immediately and considered the current balance as your deposit amount. Also, the issuers don’t evaluate your creditworthiness by checking your bank account, FICO score and other credit histories. So, don’t fall for any traditional fee harvesting credit cards which also come with high APR or strict inquiry.

Here are some right credit cards that are not only fee waiver but also don’t ask for any strict inquiries and security deposit. So, grab any of these cards and start your stellar financial future today.

Capital One Credit Cards

These renowned cards offer everything for businessmen, students, traveling lovers and those who are with poor or no credit history. Also, the straightforward fee structure goes well with your wallet and you can earn unlimited rewards while shopping online and dining out. Moreover, there are some special unsecured Capital One credit cards that approve your card application without any strict inquiry or security deposit.

Capital One Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Mastercard is an unparalleled credit card for those having no credit history and looking for the most affordable one. There is also no need for any security deposit or strict credit check for signing up this card. And you can automatically get a high credit score within a short time period of 6 months.


  • $0 annual fee or transaction fee
  • Reports all credit bureaus
  • You can have high credit line within 6 months
  • Unlimited free access to your Creditwise score
  • No security deposit required

Other Benefits:

No Credit Check:

This card is best for those having average credit history or want to have a fresh start of their financial future. As no strict credit inquiry is involved and you can pre-qualify within minutes at Also, there is no security deposit requirement.

$0 Fraud Liability:

With all the supportive features this card offers 24/7 dedicated customer service through which you can pay online, at bank branches or with a paycheck. In case, your is lost or stolen it gives full fraud coverage you are not answerable for any unauthorized action.

Capital One Platinum Mastercard is second to none option for those who want to build a bright financial future in a limited time period. You don’t need to deposit any money there is no annual or transaction fee. Also, there is no credit inquiry involved while applying for this card.

Indigo Credit Cards 

Indigo credit cards are another solid option to consider when you are hesitant for any strict credit check or don’t have anything to put down as a deposit. You can pre-qualify any of the offers without hurting your credit score and can rebuild your credit history instantly.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is not a traditional secured card that asks for a large security deposit or does a hard credit inquiry. It allows you to pre-qualify regardless of your bad credit history or offers you all the benefits that a person with a good credit score can have.


  • No security deposit required
  • Reports all the three credit bureaus
  • $0 fee option is available for those who qualify
  • 24/7 dedicated customer services
  • You can enjoy 1% on foreign transactions

Other Benefits:

No Hard Credit Inquiry:

This card comes with an easy application process and is the most beneficial one for those who are not willing to expose their credit worthiness. You can easily pre-qualify at  without telling your current FICO score, bank account balance or credit report.

$0 Fraud Liability:

Not only can you easily get to see yourself pre-approved for this card but can also enjoy all the MasterCard benefits on it. You can have high-tech cards with online payment services while shopping or traveling around. Also, you get $0 fraud liability and are not accountable for any unauthorized use if your card is lost or stolen.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is specifically designed for the people who have poor credit scores according to the three credit bureaus i.e FICO, Experian and Equifax. And want to rebuild their credit history as per the standard terms and conditions. It also gives room for those who have no money to deposit. So, with this card you can improve your creditworthiness without spending any penny.

In a Nutshell:

People with bad or average credit history always shy away from hard credit checks and inquiries. Also, they want a budget friendly card so that they spend less and get most of the benefits. Therefore, do a thorough research and choose any of the above mentioned cards that suits your current condition well. If you want to look at other most suitable options moving around in the market just visit

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