Cross-Dressing: Means and Mediums

Cross-dressing is defined as using clothes and accessories used by another gender for purposes like disguising, self-expressing, sending a message, comforting, and many more. Cross-dressing beholds an extensive history that dates back to time immemorial. Many ancient religious texts, mythological works, etc., have mentioned cross-dressing as a common occurrence in the then milieu. Still, the reasons could have been different for different contexts.

Despite the social conventions and social interferences, dressing has evolved to be the expression of one’s self, and the taboos attached to cross-dressing, if any, has nullified by the advent of a responsible society in the last century. And the increased public acceptance of cross-dressing has led to the mushrooming of salons and shops that assist cross-dressing enthusiasts. With time passing, the number of cross-dressing brands and shops that cater to the needs of cross-dressing people has increased significantly, and now, there are dedicated cross-dresser stores and brands that serve both online and offline. 

DS Bodyskins: The One-Stop-Solution

Cross-dressing stores have been blooming across the world since the beginning of the 2000s, but only a handful of them could make a significant impact among cross-dressers. DS Bodyskins is one such rare and finest cross-dresser store that takes into consideration the necessities and requirements of the cross-dressing Australia people and create ideal and desirable cross-dressing solutions for them.

D S Bodyskins is based in Brisbane, Australia. This all-in-one online platform for cross-dressers was founded in 2015 to bring inclusivity to cross-dressers. They create and sell high-quality cross-dressing suits and accessories at affordable prices through their official website. Their premium yet economical product range includes silicone breast forms, muscle suits, silicone bodysuits, masks, accessories, and many more. All the products featured at the brand are hypoallergenic, making them beneficial to the entire cross-dresser community.

Products at DS Bodyskins

D S Bodyskins expect to assist cross-dressers, drag queens, fetishists, transgender people, transsexuals, etc., to have cost-effective modifications of their liking. They also intend to provide products to people unable to undergo cosmetic surgery to have the body of their dreams. 

The product range at DS Bodyskins includes:

  • Silicone breast forms, bodysuits, and underwear:
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made of food-grade Silicone
  • Stretchable up to 2.5 times
  • Six color variations
  • Choices available from 4th-generation bodysuits to 8th generation
  • Feel like authentic human skin
  • Available for both males and females

  • Silicone masks and gloves:
  • Highly realistic
  • Six color variations
  • Handmade for high accuracy
  • Stretchable up to 2 times

  • Costumes, wigs, and other accessories:
  • High quality
  • Numerous options
  • Realistic appearance
  • Fit all body types
  • Available for both men and women

Unique Features of DS Bodyskins

  • Quick Delivery:

D S Bodyskins features one of the fastest delivery times in the industry. Despite providing high-quality and perfect products, it only takes around five days to a maximum of fifteen days for the products to get delivered.

  • Discretion: 

The brand understands that customers expect a level of privacy and discretion. Thus, the product will have plain packaging, and the bill will also be printed discreetly so as not to reveal the content of the package.

  • Premium Material:

The primary building material of the products at D S Bodyskins is 100% food-grade Silicone, which is hypoallergic, highly elastic, realistic in texture, fade-free, easy to clean, environmentally viable, and easy to wear.

  • Multiple Safe Payment Options:

The customer can purchase using safe payment options like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and many more.

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