6 Things Event Management Agencies Need to Do to Ensure Effective Crowd Control in Big Events

Event management companies are often tasked to organize big events that require a lot of attention to detail. Such events are extremely difficult to handle, especially when it comes to crowd control. 

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Crowd control is one of the most hectic things event management agencies need to deal with. Do it wrong, and the entire event will feel unorganized and unpleasant. Besides, failing to handle the crowd will displease the hosts, and they in turn will be upset with you.

Hence, you must know how to handle large crowds in big events. And here are six things you need to check on to ensure such effective crowd control.

#1 Let the Local Law Enforcement Agencies Know About the Event

Before you can start planning the event, you must first inform the local police or respective law enforcement authorities. Informing them about the event beforehand is vital. Since they are responsible for ensuring safe and hassle-free movement within their area, the police need to know what is to be expected from your event. Big events draw big crowds, which is why law enforcement agencies need to know about them.

Once they give you the all-clear for the event, they will then deploy all necessary means to make sure that things in the area (especially around the venue) run smoothly. Additional forces might also be deployed near the event depending on what it is, and who will be attending it.

#2 Keep Separate Entry Points

A single entry point for the visitors at a big event is a big no. In some cases, even two or three will not suffice, but that depends on the number of people you are expecting. Try to ensure separate entry points based on certain criteria. It could be based on the type of ticket they purchased, their age, gender, and so on. In most cases, it is best to categorize the entrance lines based on the tickets your guests are holding.

Having separate entry points will make it easier for you to manage the guests as well as speed things up in terms of letting everyone inside. 

#3 Find a Way to Identify Your Guests and Visitors

One of the best ways to identify your guests and what type of tickets they hold is by stamping an ink-based signature on their wrists during the time of entry. You can very easily get custom stamps made just for the event. There can be different stamps at the different entry points. The stamps will help you identify what type of ticket an individual holds. They can also show the stamp to you if they go out of the venue and need to re-enter.

Custom rubber stamps are very affordable. For an event, you will want something compact. Hence, it is best if you buy pocket-sized stamps. That will enable you to continue stamping without having to reach for an ink-pad every time you have to stamp someone. 

#4 Ensure Additional Security as Necessary

Additional security needs to be stationed inside the venue as well. They can be stationed in areas that are off-limits to the visitors. Besides, you will need to hire additional security whenever you have a high-value celebrity or personality at the event. 

#5 Understand the Venue’s Layout

Different venues have different layouts. And you must know about the layout of the place you are holding the event in. The venue layout will help you understand where everything is located so that you can plan accordingly. Based on the layout, you will have to set up security and signposts. Understanding the layout is also important so that you and your team can guide people out of the venue in case of emergencies. 

#6 Set Up Signs for Your Visitors

Your guests are unlikely to know where to go once they enter the venue. So to help them out, you should set up signposts all around the venue. The signs should highlight the important areas that the guests or visitors should know about, like the main stage, seating area, washroom facilities, cafeteria, and so on. The signs should also tell them which areas are restricted so that they know they are not allowed in there. 

These are all the things that event organizers should do to ensure effective crowd control. No matter how big the crowd is, you can handle it with ease if you maintain these simple things.

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