Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Referral Programs to Make You Money

While advertising is considered a favorable option by many on a digital platform, there is another area where plenty of opportunities are yet to be tapped — and that would be the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market.

Today, many companies, mainly in the technology sector, offer referral-based or affiliate marketing programs that pay out a commission in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

However, all affiliate programs are not the same, and they can vary heavily based on the type of audience they are targeting, and the services being offered. And as more people are getting active with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, this is also paving a new way for affiliate marketers and social media influencers to make some good money by referring such services and sites to other users.

With all of that being said, today we are going to highlight how you can get started with some of the most popular crypto and Bitcoin-focused referral programs online, and some great examples of ones you can get started with immediately.

How to Become a Crypto Affiliate Marketer

First thing first, in order to make money with a referral or affiliate program, you are going to need to find a site or service that has such a program in place. Once that is done, you would walk through each of the simple steps below.

  1. Sign up to a trusted Bitcoin affiliate program after proper research.
  2. Provide the personal details and the Bitcoin address where the commission will be sent.
  3. Once the sign-up is complete, a special referral link will be provided by the platform. This link is how you will deliver traffic to the site, and earn credit for each lead or sale. Visitors who click on the referral link will be taken directly to the website.
  4. One can also share the link on a blog post, website, on other social media platforms, and even through email. Advanced marketers can use various creative ways to use the referral link to reach out to many audiences, such as media buying or PPC ads.
  5. Whenever someone clicks on the referral link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns commission in Bitcoin. This commission will depend on the payout rates offered by the affiliate program network.

Many top affiliate marketers do not depend on one specific method of marketing and often use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and email to improve their chances for new signups and earnings to come in. Whether it’s through a website, paid ads or a social media platform, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to earn passive income.

Top Crypto Referral Programs to Consider

In addition to providing you with some introductory information on how to get started as an affiliate, we also wanted to highlight some of the best crypto referral programs in the market today.

With each of the sites and programs listed below, there are no fees associated with joining as an affiliate, and many of the names are trusted brands that you may already know or use on a daily basis.

Each program is different in terms of their rules, payouts and how much you can earn, but they all offer no caps on how much you can earn.

Be sure to take a look at each of the sites listed below, and think about which might be best for your own marketing promotional efforts

  1. Crypto Millions Lotto
  2. Bitmedia
  3. A-Ads
  4. CoinBase
  5. XCoins
  6. Exmo
  7. Genesis Mining

Crypto Millions Lotto

This is the world’s largest online digital lottery and allows players to play in Bitcoin currency and win Bitcoin as prizes. New customers receive three free lines as an introductory offer, and there is also a jackpot that starts at US$30 million and rolls over on each draw till some player wins it.

The Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate currently pays up to 15% of gross revenue (top line sales), and also pays out a massive commission of 5% on jackpot amounts won if the player is their referral.

In addition to the lucrative prizes and incentives, Crypto Millions Lotto has removed the borders for playing the lottery, which means they are currently accepting players in more than 180 different countries around the world — which ultimately improves your chances to earn money through referral players worldwide.

With online gaming and lotto always being a mutli-billion dollar industry, this is definitely one of the most attractive crypto affiliate programs out there.

Affiliate Program


Bitmedia is an ad network affiliate program that provides 10% affiliate commissions on every referral. This is a fair payout as some of the sales are of high-ticket values.

Presently, Bitmedia offers an affiliate program that is only meant for recommending new advertisers. So, if one has a website or blog, they can start promoting Bitmedia. This will help attract some new companies’ attention, and they may want to start advertising with Bitmedia.

Affiliates can receive up to 5% of a new advertiser’s budget, which can be quite profitable and substantial if the ad campaign runs for a long time. Bitmedia works similarly to Google AdSense, except that it runs with Bitcoin.

Affiliate Program


Anonymous Ads(A-Ads) offers a solution that makes completely anonymous ad campaigns. The interesting thing about A-Ad’s referral program is that one can make money through their referral program as well.

However, it is likely better to get advertisers to sign up on the A-Ads referral program, which is extremely easy to get started with. Registration is not required if one wants to remain anonymous throughout the process. Once the referral link is received, one can share it with all their blog readers or customers. After that, if an advertiser signs up, they will set a budget and go live with their campaign. Based on that data, one can earn 10% of whatever amounts spent on advertising.

This is one of the simplest of all the affiliate programs on the market. It maintains the Bitcoin culture of keeping things decentralized and basic.

Affiliate Program


Coinbase is definitely a well-known name in the world of cryptocurrency, which also makes it an attractive name for affiliates and referral partners as well. This exchange allows anyone to buy and sell digital currencies, while also allowing one to convert them into cash currencies like US dollars or Euros.

The referral process is more or less the same as any other platform. After completing signup, the unique link for one’s account is generated, which can then be shared with friends or followers to spread the word.

This referral program is more like a reward points system. If a referral puts $100 in their account, both the affiliate and the referral get an equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin. This is a good incentive if one already has a Coinbase account and knows some other people interested in the Bitcoin game.

Affiliate Program


XCoins pays a 10$ commision for every new customer and 20% for every new customer as well. Another interesting aspect about the XCoin referral program is that they don’t make one payment when a new user signs up. One can wait for the commission to grow and get paid later for all the transactions made by the referrals. This goes on for a lifetime till the time the referral continues transacting on the exchange.

Having one or two referrals can start giving some passive income. But suppose more referrals are continuously added up. In that case, the cumulative transaction volume will be huge, which will mean earning lots of Bitcoin money in the process in a month.

Affiliate Program


This platform offers 25% of Exmo’s commission. So here, the commission is less compared to others, but one can continuously bring in money from many referrals. It has an affiliate and commission structure in place similar to XCoins, where a referral is for the lifetime of the referral.

Exmo also allows one to create their Bitcoin wallet where one can keep all of the funds. One has to register to get the affiliate link which is quite simple.

Affiliate Program

Genesis Mining

Bitcoin mining is a process where one can validate Bitcoin transactions and can get Bitcoin in return as a reward. Earlier, anyone with a computer could mine Bitcoins, but mining has now become more resource-intensive and expensive. Thus, cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining come into play with their cost-effective packages for Bitcoin mining.

While Bitcoin mining is a way to make money, one can also earn online revenue by promoting cloud mining companies through their affiliate programs. A Genesis Mining referral program gives 2.5% additional hash power in case one mines Bitcoins themselves.

Affiliate Program

Where to Find the Best Bitcoin Referral Programs

One of the most common questions that arises when looking to make money with any type of referral or affiliate program, is which one is best? And at the end of the day, this really comes down to your own personal preference and how you plan on promoting an individual program. This also has a lot to do with any existing content, traffic or audiences that you may already have in place.

With Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies still being in their infancy, and mass adoption still underway, any of the listed affiliate programs above are great to get started with. It’s much better to get in on the ground floor while people are just starting to get active with crypto, versus trying to take advantage of such opportunities months or even years down the road.

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