Why Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Are Becoming More Popular At Universities

For those of you who are mind-boggled by the terms bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain, you certainly aren’t alone. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that are hosted online using nodes, and are not available in any physical form like they might be with a dollar or a pound coin. The most important and well-known example of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which has certainly proven to catch the attention of thousands in recent months. To some, this cryptocurrency is an opportunity to utilise bigger and better ways of exchanging currency.

Blockchain is the backbone of virtual currency that allows decentralised distribution of content, preventing any one entity being able to control the network and has proven to be quite the innovative technology as of late. Given that universities are often hubs for development, it’s simple to see just why students might take an interest, but we’re digging a little deeper, below.


Believe it or not, there are Bitcoin and Blockchain courses currently available across various Universities as we speak. Due to more and more students expressing an interest in studying these topics, institutions such as universities are finding it difficult to keep up with the high demand. With cryptocurrency proving to be a new and undeniably volatile topic whether considering rising interests or the trade market itself, universities didn’t originally realise how popular the interest in this digital currency was. As a result, they are now finding that their few courses are bringing in hundreds of students, when they only expected a handful.

Blockchain Is Moving Forward

With Blockchain development advancing so quickly, the technology today won’t look exactly the same tomorrow. Therefore, cryptocurrency and blockchain are being approached in more of an overview than in specific detail. Many young people want to have the in-depth knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency, in addition to being prepared for what may happen in the future in terms of finance and currency. By settling in an environment surrounded by both industry professionals and likeminded individuals, keeping up to date with ongoing changes and opinions can be made much simpler.

Bitcoin Craze

After the incredible increase in Bitcoin value to over $20,000 in December 2017, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity considerably and not just in the available courses. In some universities, Bitcoin societies have been created, which only further illustrates just how much the interest has increased over the past year. Young people may be more inclined to not only understand, but utilise these currencies too. The introduction of new technologies that have the potential to change their future is enough to not only capture their attention, but to inspire their interest and as a result, the Bitcoin craze continues.

Mainstream Currency

Some studies are suggesting that Bitcoin will become a mainstream currency, due to the vast number of university students that own one or more types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Due to Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for that matter, not being able to be copied or re-spent and instead only distributed around a decentralised network, means that it cannot be stolen and holds less chance, if any, of fraud. In addition to this, the fact that the digital money is secured by maths and not people, means that your cryptocurrency couldn’t be in a more secure location.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are ever-changing and as more and more students start to take note, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming an increasingly hot topic at Universities. From courses helping to provide eager students with the right education, to clubs and unions offering a safe space to talk and discuss these improvements, these institutions of learning are the perfect place for up and coming investors, traders and developers to truly dig in and wrap their heads around this innovative new market.

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