The Cryptocurrency Launchpad is Beneficial for Investors

With everything else feeling the adverse effects of COVID-19, investors wondered if the crypto world would suffer too. Instead, it has revealed exponential growth. The retail marketplaces, specifically, seem to be quite taken up with digital currencies. Do you know how can Bitcoin promote illegal activities?

True, Bitcoin continues to rule the popularity charts. However, other cryptocurrencies are making waves across the globe too. they include Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, etc. Therefore, numerous entrepreneurs and investors have come to look upon cryptocurrencies as alternate sources of income.

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Additionally, developers and digital art creators are working hard to come up with unique products to appeal to investors. One such is the crypto launchpad. Ever since its entry, the crypto industry’s enthusiasts have heartily welcomed it.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Another name for it is Crypto Incubator. It refers to a special platform that helps blockchain-based projects take off. The platform behaves as a fund-raiser for a project. It provides the concerned group of investors to access token sales that are in the early stage.

This kind of access ensures that the investors can achieve bargain prices on the sales. This happens much before a public launch in the marketplace.

Launching anything on a crypto launchpad involves low fees. In fact, they seem quite insignificant! As a result, an increasing number of projects are approaching crypto launchpads for raising requisite funds for themselves.

Crypto launchpads are safe. Neither founders nor investors, need to worry about security risks. It is because there is a stringent vetting process in place. A third party takes over a complete verification of any new project.

Finally, new founders gain access to a group of crypto enthusiasts and investors. They may even prompt the members to explore their concerned projects and provide serious feedback.

Advantages of Crypto Launchpads for Investors

Investors may use crypto launchpads to their advantage.

  • It becomes possible to witness a group of projects, all on the same platform.
  • Investors acquire membership of the various launchpads. It helps them to gain early and easier access to diverse projects. In other words, the token prices prove more affordable for them. It is not so for non-members.
  • They tend to conduct activities in a more secure and safe ecosystem, as every crypto launchpad undergoes strict verification. There is no need to worry about monetary losses or fraud.
  • There is no denying that not all start-up founders are honest. Some of them borrow from investors, and then, disappear forever! Fortunately, advanced crypto platforms ensure that frauds/swindles remain at a minimum.
  • Investors also gain the chance for value appreciation of native tokens, if it does take place.
  • Start-ups may also benefit by linking up with crypto launchpads. They gain the chance to outline their concerned projects in detail, in front of diverse investors. It leads to a kind of subtle fund-raising. t

The only snag is that they will have to go through the vetting system, without problems. However, if the vetting system is absent, they should gain easy entries.

Best Crypto Launchpads

There have been crypto launchpads before. There are new crypto launchpads now. However, some are better than others are. Here are three of them, possessing the best features.

  • BSCPad

It is the baby of the BSC Network! The platform has a completely decentralized protocol in place. With its help, blockchain-based projects can raise the necessary capital, distribute tokens, and enhance liquidity.

Unlike other launchpads, BSCPad is famed for its two-round allocation model. Investors may purchase guaranteed allocation per Tier, in the very first round itself.  The remaining, if any, are sold in the second round.

  • BullPerks

The launchpad is appreciated for having a community-dedicated approach. Furthermore, it is renowned for transparency in functioning.

The launchpad’s founders have ensured that it is a multi-chain one, along with being a decentralized VC. These founders are well-known advisors to large-scale and rapidly-growing projects. They are also excellent entrepreneurs and speakers.

  • TrustSwap

Its protocol is based upon the BSC Network. The decentralized platform functions in alignment with $SWAP, its native token, $SWAP offers remedies for issues concerning subscriptions and splitting payments. It also provides the next generation with multi-chain swaps. The token proves useful for Smart Swaps, Staking, and Smart Locks, too.

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