World’s first Repository for Blockchain Research Papers Launches Aggregation of Cryptocurrency News Portals

Crypto Chain University, the oldest institution for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world, established in 2010, announces today the launch of a new segment on their website portal, ☓.com (unicode/punycode of

This latest segment entitled “News” is an aggregation of the RSS feed from the current world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news portals – and

Crypto Chain University image 4444Over a video-call interview, Herbert Sim, founder of Crypto Chain University, shared exclusively with MarketBusinessNews, that and were handpicked by the board of the University, whom unanimously deemed it as credible and reputable source of news in the industry.

He continued to share that the University and its board will continue to monitor the industry, and add more sources of credible and reputable news portals to the aggregation segment on the University’s website itself.

“The vision is to create a one-stop information resource and knowledge hub of everything cryptocurrency and blockchain,” said Sim, “And more importantly to embrace the theory of decentralization, to make this knowledge free-for-all, as much as possible.”

Earlier this year in June, the University launched “cryptocurrency market capitalizations” segment o their website, aggregating from

The University board comprises of recipients of the highest honors within the Ordre des Arts et des Technologies, when translated from French to English, means “Order of Arts and Technologies”. The Order was established on 20 March 2010, with its purpose of recognizing significant contributions to the technological arts, or the propagation of these fields.

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