Top Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies 2022

Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is digital or virtual money that pushes an online money transfer system and does not follow a traditionally verified banking payment system. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, a peer-to-peer system that makes virtual wealth as a reserve of assets, online payment, etc.

In recent years, cryptocurrency trading has vastly increased due to its self-sustainable, safe way of the trading process. The operation of this client-server trading process left out the interference of any third party or central authority payment verification system. This safe and sustained process of money transfer or reserving assets made people invest in this business intensively. But not all cryptocurrencies follow this peer-to-peer mechanism, some offer profitable advantages like promising deals and contracts.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies
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Although the cryptocurrency business is most hyped to traders for its profitable and sustainable secured method, a greater volume of risk remains in this business. As an existing crypto trader or beginner, you should be alert before investing in this business and needs to learn a lot of things like slippage in crypto trading.

So here in this article, we will discuss the effective strategies of cryptocurrency trading.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies 2022

What is cryptocurrency strategy?

Crypto or Bitcoin trading strategy refers to a secure, stable plan to get profitable returns during the selling and buying of crypto-currencies. These trading strategies of virtual currency go through using different trading analytical tools, processes, and reports to understand the market situation beforehand to prevent risks.

To make consistent profit and avoid risk, you necessitate some entrusted tactics, that are successfully working in the existing market.

Let’s follow up on some of them.

Basic Strategies

1. Fundamental Research before Investment

When you finalize your decision to start investing in the crypto world, you must research to select a suitable platform. Various types of digital currencies are available out there, but without a basic study on which, how, and when to invest, you will be at higher risk. Many agencies, crypto platforms, or experts are there to help you out or you can do your personal research. To avoid the risk, it’s better to take expert advice.

2. Technical Analysis

Besides the primary analysis of the market condition, technical analysis is an essential one. Technical study indicates following up on a regular price chart that represents overbought or oversold fluctuated rate for stocks, and assets using various analytical indicators. For everyday trading stats, traders are highly dependent on these tools.

3. Buying and Selling Indicators

Many indicators with analyzed price charts with different reports are available there to keep track of the business status.

RSI (Relative Strength Index) is one of the proven and old indicators for the business. Stochastic, Moving Average, William Alligator, and TD sequential are also quite effective tools widely used by traders.

When you become an expert in these tools reading, as a trader you can reach a competitive place.

Real-time Strategies

1. Day Trading
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Day trading is one of the most highly practised and reliable methods for traders. Every day during crypto dealing hours traders’ involvement in joining and leaving a position in the market is day trading. This act of decision (entering and leaving) depends on the up-to-date report on market conditions. As this method starts and ends within a single day, it is also named intraday trading.

2. Scalp Trading

Scalping is another trading process in demand. This strategy follows making a profit within small price fluctuation at consistent time intervals. It focuses on making small profits every day, rather than having bigger payback and avoiding risks. This trading process exists in less than an hour, and trades are made in small time slots like 15min, 30min, or less.

3. Buy and Hold Trading

Buy and hold or position trading is a reversal of the previous two methods. This trading process lasts long for months or years. Traders avoid small-time price movement to follow long-term sustenance. Position traders use primary and technical analysis to estimate market trends on the respective asset to make long-run and higher returns.


Tons of strategies are there in cryptocurrency trading by the expert technical crypto business analyst. A few of them are discussed above. You must keep track of those plans of action to sustain yourself in the crypto trading world. To answer your query, drop your question below regarding crypto strategy and also you are welcome to post your thoughts about the article.

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