Cryptocurrency: What is the concept of ‘Crypto Tourism’?

Crypto tourism caters to cryptocurrency aficionados by offering pre-packaged trips. These trips can be paid for in digital currency or include talks and workshops on the subject. For more precise and accurate information regarding the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Please visit this website

Crypto Tourism: What You Need To Know

To meet the demands of crypto or blockchain aficionados, some tourist organizations established specialized vacation packages in 2018-2019. Several cruises cater specifically to bitcoin enthusiasts that are in most of these trip packages. For example, the tourism branch of Edinburgh, Wales, crypto wallet company CoinsBank arranged Blockchain Cruises, which staged four major crypto tourism cruises. 

It’s in Europe around 2019 that they most recently performed. The Mediterranean tour was five days long and took place on the cruise ship. There were about 2,500 attendees. 1 There will be no crypto tourism in 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Travelers that pay for their holidays using cryptocurrencies are another sort of crypto tourism. 

A few New Zealand tourism organizations used cryptocurrencies before the epidemic to provide travel packages where travelers may spend digital coins to explore the Southern Coral Reefs in Queensland, NZ.

Precisely Who Is Traveling With Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoins are frequently the target audience for crypto tourism. On the other hand, regular individuals curious about cryptocurrencies may go on crypto-tours or pay for their holidays with digital coins. You can pay for accommodations, food, and plane tickets with digital currencies like bitcoin. The trip offers more than just excitement and enjoyment to those that can produce the coin bank costs.

It also provides an opportunity to learn. There will be hackathons, seminars, conferences, and panel discussions on fundamental cryptocurrency problems, all of which will be on the schedule. These gatherings offer fantastic chances for networking, as well as presentations by well-known business experts. The highlight of the 2020 coins bank cruise was cryptocurrency expert John McAfee. 

Vitaliy Andrusevich, co-founder and CEO of Coinsbank, also spoke. 0In the past, such blockchain cruises served a specific function by being organized. Audiences interested in making significant investments in cryptocurrencies were their primary focus. Conferences, presentations, discussions by industry experts, and marketing by promoters were all part of the plan of the event.

The Pros and Cons of Crypto tourism

When visitors can pay for trips using digital money, it opens up additional payment options for them. An educational tour focused on digital currency might benefit would-be investors by educating them on investing in and managing the crypto market.  Additionally, while the number of people participating in crypto tourism is now limited, that number is expected to expand shortly.  

Crypto tours or crypto tourism, in general, have raised some red flags, though. We may see accusations on Crypto tours of serving as a promotional tool for pitching ICOs and trimming products to participants. In addition, visitors have a small market because most people do not use digital money, and those who invest in digital currencies are likely to be a select group.

Illustration of Crypto Tourism

When the Covid-19 virus broke out, it put a halt to crypto and other types of tourism. As the sector recovers, future events may include the 2018 CoinsBank cruise, which hosted crypto token supporter John McAfee, CoinsBank founder Vitaly Andrusevich, and well-known investor and proponent of bitcoin cash Roger Ver in attendance. Rome served as the final point of the Oasis even by Seas cruise from Royal Caribbean. Events for 2021 are still unknown. 

Despite the tremendous volatility in cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and crypto business continues to have its supporters. And investors are worried. According to, the “world’s largest bitcoin online travel operator (OTA),” 38% of Americans expect to travel within the second half of 2021, as the globe begins to open up to tourists in the summer of 2021. The study also discovered that people wanted to pay off their trips using cryptocurrency more than before. 


Many people were interested in crypto tourism before the outbreak, and there were several conferences and opportunities. Cryptocurrency cruises aim to give a platform. Although these initiatives help grow the crypto community’s networks and provide investment possibilities, participants must conduct their due diligence while making significant investments. As more nations widen their borders while tourism picks up, Bitcoin may become a more popular payment option.

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