CS:GO News, Statistics, Live Scores, and Many More

CS: GO was launched in 2021 and it is the fourth game of the insanely popular Counter-Strike Series. It is one of the most loved games of all time. It didn’t have a dedicated news site earlier which broke many fans’ hearts. But the worries are over, as you can find all the latest CS:GO news, live scores, and many more on a website completely dedicated to this. This is good news for the Counter-Strike fans all across the globe. Even if you are a newbie, you can totally check this website out and get to know about the game better. You can read all the fascinating and legendary stories and enter the gaming universe. The website also provides you the relevant information and the necessary explanations that will help you to catch up easily. The website was found in October 2020. Because of that, it has a youth mindset that connects with the young minds better and it is extremely dedicated to providing quality content to all the CS:GO fans across the globe.

Counter-Strike is a video game series. The Counter-Strike games are first-person multi-player shooter games where the players are basically divided into two teams – 1) Terrorists, and 2) Counter-Terrorists. These two teams play opposite to each other. The game has eight gaming modes. It also has an official practice mode called the Weapons Course that teaches you the methods of using guns and grenades. These games are usually objective-based where the players are assigned certain tasks that they need to carry out. One group might be assigned the task of planting a bomb while the other group will be assigned a task to stop that or to defuse the planted bomb. Once a round ends, each player gets rewarded as per their performance. They can use these in-game currencies to obtain powerful weapons in future matches. If you win the match, you are definitely going to win more money. If you successfully complete the assigned tasks then you will receive cash bonuses. But, if you commit some uncooperative action (kill your teammate, etc.), then you will be penalized.

People predicted that Counter-Strike won’t survive for long but the game prove everybody wrong. Over the years, the game has been subjected to a lot of allegations like stream-sniping, coaching bugs, match-fixing, etc. But it still managed to survive all these and continued to remain as one of the most played and loved video games of all time. There was a time when people used to spend hours (13 million hours approx.) on Twitch just for watching the game. According to the viewers of Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube, CS: GO is the second most popular game. The game has nearly 200 million fans all over the world. Among these fans, 80 million people are termed as “enthusiasts” and the rest 120 million people are termed as “occasional”. It was unfair that it didn’t have a dedicated website considering the amount of love the game received!

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