Cubavera Brings a Touch of Latin Heritage into American Style

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Image: pxhere

Pairing traditional Latin attire with American style, Cubavera prides itself on injecting fresh twists into its apparel and accessories. The menswear brand can trace its origins to the humble guayabera, a casual four-pocket linen shirt that has been a staple of the Cuban heritage since the eighteen century. Basing their first designs on the versatile shirt, over the years Cubavera has expanded its line of signature shirts into a collection of stylish suit separates, shirts, jackets, pants and shorts, as well as belts and shoes, all in sink with today’s diverse social settings.

Fashion with Latin Flavor

George and Issac Feldenkreis, who are the masterminds behind Cubavera, brought the versatility of the guayabera to the US around 50 years ago when they founded Supreme International. The company morphed into Perry Ellis International after acquiring the brand in 1999. Founded in 2000, Cubavera is one of the brands under Perry Ellis International. While today Cubavera is about a great deal more than just the exotic guayabera shirt, according to ZONACABALLEROS, the Feldenkreis were once known as the Guayabera Kings of Miami.

Living the Good Life

Having brought Latino fashion into mainstream American culture, Cubavera recognizes the importance of the contributions Latinos have made to all facets of the country’s life. As such, the brand invites all Latinos to celebrate their culture by embodying the joy and vibrancy of Cuba through clothing. Each Cubavera design invites the consumer to “Live the Good Life” the Latin way by looking great, and expressing yourself with passion, charm and confidence.

Wearing Your Heritage

Just like Cubavera’s success in the US market is partly thanks to its Latin roots, the life of each Latino is affected by their country of origin. Cubavera’s Wear Your Heritage #SoyLatino campaign invites Latinos to partake in the brand’s cultural pride by sharing their success stories. The campaign kicked off with Latino celebrities, community leaders and athletes sharing what connects them to their Latin roots and how this connection has contributed to their professional and personal success. Some of the personalities that have shared their inspirational stories include actors Gabriel Coronel and William Valdez and professional baseball players Jonathan Villar and Jose Berrios. The main part of the campaign, however, has involved everyday Latino men who have shared how they have overcome barriers through the #SoyLatino hashtag.


Collaborating with Cuban artists is another way that Cubavera embodies cultural pride and the spirit of the Cuban people. This is particularly important, as the country opens up its borders to the global community. A case in point is the brand’s Resort 2018 collection, which involved a collaboration with the Cuban artist Oscar Matienzo. Drawing on Cuban folklore, Matienzo’s vibrant patterns added a new twist to the brand’s take on the guayabera. In February 2019, Cubavera also partnered with a Cuban hip hop band Orishas. The brand sponsored the band’s US Origen Tour in cities such as New York City, Miami and San Francisco. During each performance, the band members wore custom-designed Cubavera garments to express the Cuban aesthetic and share their love for the Latin American country.