Cure Vaper’s Tongue with Nicotine Vape Juice

Every vaper has gone through this at least once in their life. Vaper’s tongue is a condition where a person can’t taste the flavor of his or her nicotine vape juice. Nobody knows exactly what causes vaper’s tongue but many possible reasons are being floated as the cause of this condition. Here are some reasons that are usually accepted as the cause of vaper’s tongue and how they can be cured using nicotine vape juice.

Cure vaper's tongue
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Vaping has been proven to speed up dehydration in a person’s body. The early symptoms would be the throat drying up and extreme thirst. Some people ignore this and continue vaping can lead to your taste buds getting damaged, and in turn, cause vaper’s tongue.

The cure for dehydration

Drink more liquids to rehydrate. While your taste buds may be damaged, don’t worry too much as they regenerate and they should be back to top form in a week or two.


Every time you feel parched or thirsty, drink some water and rehydrate. This not only helps you rehydrate but this also washes away the nicotine vape juice residue on your tongue.

Remember, the more you chain vape, the faster your body dehydrates. As a rule of thumb, the more you vape, the more you should try to keep yourself hydrated.

Nicotine dose

One reason why people chain vape is because they like to chain vape. If this is the reason, then there’s nothing we can do about it except to remember to keep hydrated. But if they’re not getting the right satisfaction from their nicotine vape juice, then we suggest that they try a higher nicotine concentration in their juice to reduce their chain vaping and reduce the chance of them dehydrating.


We started vaping to break free of the dangers of smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Smoking, much like dehydration, can damage your taste buds and can leave you with a bland taste on your tongue – causing vaper’s tongue.

The cure

Stop smoking and allow your tongue to heal. Not only will you get back your sense of smell and taste, but you’ll be healthier in the long run.


Whenever you get the urge to smoke, take a vape instead. If for some reason you still feel the need to smoke, then there must be something lacking in your nicotine vape juice. Try increasing the nicotine levels of your nicotine vape juice and get the real satisfaction that your system is looking for.

Pod system

Another way to ensure maximum satisfaction is to switch to a pod system. Pod systems use nicotine vape juice with a higher dosage of nicotine. This high level of nicotine, coupled with the mouth-to-lung action of pod systems will mimic the act and feel of smoking. Sometimes smokers need something that reminds them of the act and feel of smoking to fully transition to vaping.

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Flavor Fatigue

After reading through a lot of entries in DIY nicotine vape juice forums, I’ve come across a lot of people talking about how eliquid needs to have the correct levels of flavor concentrate to be good. Too much, and your taste buds will not register it properly, too little and the taste will be too mild.

The cure

Get the right nicotine vape juice. Avoid over-commercialized e liquid that use very little flavor concentrate as a cost-cutting method and uses high amounts of sweeteners as a crutch to make the juice taste better. Also, avoid nicotine vape juice that uses too much flavor concentrates to create over-the-top flavors, these can easily cause flavor fatigue.

If for some reason you can’t taste your vape after extended periods of consuming commercial juice, you can try vaping on unflavored nicotine vape juice to give your tongue a rest from all the sweeteners or from the misuse of flavor concentrates.

Aroma of coffee beans

Another way to cure vaper’s tongue when caused by the misuse of sweeteners and flavor concentrates is to inhale the smell of coffee beans. Coffee beans have the ability to do a “reset” on our olfactory senses and will allow you to taste your vape again.

Switch vape juice

A third way to try and clear up flavor fatigue is to switch up your nicotine vape juice. If you vape mainly pastry flavors, try vaping some menthol flavors or unflavored ones and vice versa.

If you ever have vaper’s tongue, try and vape unflavored nicotine vape juice for a couple of days. Not only will this give your taste buds some time to rest, but it will also control your nicotine cravings, preventing you from relapsing into smoking.

Getting the Right Nicotine Vape Juice to Prevent Vaper’s Tongue

One of the best ways to prevent vaper’s tongue is to get the right nicotine vape juice. Juice that has been tested and isn’t loaded with too much flavor concentrates and sweeteners. Choose nicotine vape juice that is produced in a facility that is proven to be clean and ensures quality control so that the first drop of liquid that you vape will be the same as the next one.

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