Custom CRM systems are taking the lead

Majority of the modern companies treat CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as an integral part of their business philosophy. Many of them decide to use the ready-made tools available on the market. Can the custom variant be cost-effective?

Custom CRM systems are taking the lead
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In recent years we have seen significant growth of interest in the CRM systems. Why is it so important when building a relationship with the client on various levels? There are at least a few answers to that question. Most importantly, the CRM system allows the company to increase its sales and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. It’s an important property in the e-commerce area and not only.

CRM systems – advantages

For any branch of business, CRM is also a great tool to discover the client’s needs. By monitoring their actions, the company can target their ads better and create more engaging experiences or content. And then, when the marketing strategy was implemented, it’s a great way to measure the results of the efforts.

As you may have noticed, most of the advantages are related to optimization and improvement. Most common long-term results? Shorter sales cycle, sales growth, and the enhancement of conversion. It sounds like there are only advantages, doesn’t it? Well, in fact, it is difficult to point out the weak points of CRM systems. Only when it’s not adjusted to the company’s specifics and their customers’ needs, it might negatively influence sales.

Existing CRMs vs. custom CRMs

The ready-made CRM software solutions are available to online use – sometimes for free or at very affordable prices. The growing amount of online tools such as HubSpot or Pipedrive has made these systems widely used quite recently, even though the concept of CRM is known since the 90s. However, many companies decide to use custom systems, designed and tailored for their needs. Custom CRM can cost quite much, especially in comparison with existing systems. In which cases it can be an investment that will pay back in the long run?

Custom CRM – advantages

In case you have gathered capital, it is probably the best way you can spend money. Especially if your company is functioning in the e-commerce area. It is worth to remember that custom software solutions are not only good for huge corporations. It is also a very good investment for small businesses. Tailor-made software development for startups services is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Custom CRM costs are a one-time investment, while most of the existing online tools are based on a monthly subscription. Some of them are customizable, but others – not really. And even if you can customize them to some extent, it will probably never fully reflect the company’s needs. It is a common problem, particularly when the enterprise sells some non-standard products or offer.

Your custom CRM is something you pay for once and then own it. You can introduce it to the employees without worrying that it is a waste of time. With the subscription-based system, you never really know if the fees do not grow next year and as an effect, using it stops being cost-effective. You want to know more about it? Visit DevsData.

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