Customer Support and How to Make It Work for Your Business 

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Customer service is how companies support customers before, during, and after they use their products or services. In this area, the approach to the people who are associated with your business is extremely important, and it works even if you manage not only huge online businesses, like, but also local service providers.


Train each support center technician in customer communication techniques. You always want to delegate highly specialized tasks to the necessary experts, but every employee should be able to help and contribute. When most of the team spends time on the first line of support, they understand customers better and provide a high level of service.

One client request can be handled by one to five managers (depending on complexity). Many large services use this practice. It’s only effective if the person in question does not have to tell every manager all over again about the problem.

To solve this problem, create a system for the work of the support service, where each new manager will see the history of correspondence with the past. Once he is familiar with it, he can immediately begin to solve the problem, rather than forcing the client to waste his time explaining the situation again.

Interest in the Client and Their Needs

Customer support specialist involvement is one of the most important criteria for building high quality customer service, because it is important for the customer to be heard. A personal manager or support employee should go into the problems of the customer and find effective ways to solve them.

Support is addressed to consumers who are in different moods or emotional states. Conventionally they are divided into “interest”, “satisfaction”, “fear / anger”, “apathy”.

The support worker in communication with the client must always be a step above him to gradually move him to the highest step – the loyal client. The transition from step to step occurs when the customer’s problem is solved.

Personalized Service

Encourage support staff to generate feedback through knowledgeable customer questions. Support services should know the needs of users well and be personalized to each of them.

In a highly competitive environment, you need to stand out – make your support personalized and special. For example, instead of the standard waiting on the phone, a specialist can exchange various phrases related to the company’s activities with a person.

If it’s a long-term solution to a customer request, it’s worth keeping in touch with him and once every few days to remind him that work on his request is ongoing.

Knowledge of the Product and Services Offered

Make training a key part of your processes. Some companies practice exams for product understanding. Without knowledge of all of the company’s nuances, offerings and products, customer service, sales or managers won’t be able to provide quality assistance to a customer with important questions.


Most people hate to wait and prefer a quick response, as well as a quick solution to their problems (preferably the first time). However, we understand that in reality the support service capacity isn’t unlimited. Various difficulties may arise. Some of them don’t have an instant solution, so it’s important for a specialist to respond quickly to the request and warn the client about the timing of fixing the problem in advance.

Moreover, the support team should classify requests in order to automate the resolution of simple and repetitive issues.

Give your specialists the tools they need to maximize customer support. You can set a time limit on providing customer support. However, remember not to sacrifice quality in favor of speed.

Distribution of Communication Channels

It’s important for the company to analyze their target audience and understand where they most often “live”. These channels of communication should be in the first place.

It’s better to rank the methods of communication with the client as follows: for news and messages on weekdays use chat in an application, messenger or social networks; for sending official documents use email; for emergencies use phone calls.

Often customers have to find their own ways to contact the company. Some organizations leave email on the site (the longest type of feedback). When using it, the consumer does not understand what stage their request is at, so they form a negative opinion of the organization.

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