10 Customizable Promotional Items to Build Your Brand

When you’re looking to build your brand, the expensive nature of many marketing efforts can become daunting. However, there are many affordable, fun ways to get your brand out into the world while simultaneously demonstrating how much you care about your customer base. Among these, giving out promotional merchandise is the most cost-effective.

Customizable Promotional Items to Build Your Brand
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If you’re looking to start implementing this practice, here are ten customizable promotional items you can use to build your brand:

1. Polo Shirts

Everyone loves free clothing. Polos are especially popular since they are appropriate in both the workplace and when you’re out on the town. If you brand a comfy polo with your logo, customers will be likely to wear them. Every time that they do, hundreds of new eyes will be seeing your logo. If your customers love the shirt, that love will transfer to your brand and products as well.

2. Water Bottles

As the world becomes more health conscious, many people prefer to carry a water bottle around 24/7 to keep them hydrated and ready for the day ahead of them. By branding water bottles with your logo, you can further expand the reach of your business’s brand. Water bottles are often highly affordable to brands as well, which has made them popular with companies looking to create promotional merchandise.

3. Pens

While a lot of people type more often than they write, those who still do love a free pen. A high-quality pen branded with your logo will keep your company’s services in mind every time they go to write something down. For companies who frequently deal with trade shows, the affordability of pens has helped to make them a great investment. Pairing your merchandising efforts with a digital marketing tie-in is highly recommended as well.

4. Phone Cases

Phone cases have gotten expensive at stores. However, in bulk, phone cases are much cheaper. If you invest in bulk phone cases emblazoned with your logo, you can help protect your customers’ phones, while making your brand highly visible. After all, most people have their phones out and visible throughout most of the day. And your customers will appreciate the money you’re saving them by giving them a free phone case.

5. Tote Bags

There’s a reason nearly every store you go to offers branded tote bags lately. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re incredibly convenient. The simplicity and affordability of tote bags make them perfect for promotional merchandising efforts, and you can get them made quickly in most cases. You can even pair tote bags with other promotional merchandise to make an incredibly memorable impression.

6. Keychains

A solid keychain provides you with a sense of security and ensures you never lose access to your home or car. When your audience sees your band every time that they are leaving their home or driving, they are going to have your business burned into their mind. Additionally, this is one of the most affordable promotional items to craft in bulk.

7. Stress Balls

There are few things as relaxing as a stress ball when you need a quick break from a long day of work. You’ve likely noticed that many stress balls are emblazoned with a logo, and that’s no accident. Companies have been using stress balls for years to promote their brand and boost their sales.

8. Face Masks

Being safe in uncertain times is of utmost importance. Many people still need masks in their daily life and those that do enjoy wearing masks that have some flair. Similar to polo shirts, masks make for highly visible promotional merchandise options, as your brand will be exposed to potentially hundreds of people every time your customer wears them.

9. Hats

Another solid wearable promo item choice, hats provide a way to keep your customers feeling comfy and appreciated. Buying hats in styles that are currently trendy is recommended, as it will make it more likely that your customers end up wearing them later on. People love free hats, so they will be thrilled to receive them.

10. Custom Coasters

A custome coaster can be a subtle yet impactful branding tool. By integrating a company’s logo, color scheme, or message onto a coaster, brands can consistently place their identity in the direct line of sight of customers, especially in settings like restaurants, bars, or events. These tactile reminders not only enhance brand recall every time a drink is lifted but also convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. Additionally, well-designed coasters can spark conversations, be taken home as mementos, or be shared on social media, further amplifying the brand’s visibility and recognition.

Time to Expand Your Brand

With these ten items, you can easily expand your brand’s visibility, and make your company known to the world. The appreciation your customers will have after you gift them promo merch will make them more likely to return to your business as well. If you want to attract new customers and retain old ones, you must begin creating and giving out branded promotional merchandise.