5 Important Cybersecurity Trends In 2020 You Should Know

Important cybersecurity trends image for article 4939093093It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of cybersecurity. The number of cyber threats is continually growing, and we need to protect our privacy and remain financially and physically safe. And as we share more and more of our information and put it online, we become more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, we need better protection.

Hackers constantly advance their tools to make attacks more sophisticated. And the cybersecurity industry answers these improvements accordingly by creating more efficient solutions. So let’s take a look at modern tools that can effectively protect us from hackers. We will go beyond questions like “is Total AV legit” and analyze the trends globally as these technologies are implemented in most good antiviruses and security instruments.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes an Important Player

As AI gets more advanced, we find more ways to utilize it for processes that require constant monitoring and quick actions. Artificial intelligence helps to automate things and make them more efficient. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the cybersecurity industry is increasingly using it to enhance antiviruses and other protective solutions.

Of course, AI is still not as strong as we like to picture it. And there are almost no examples of machine learning tools that can operate independently. Yet, artificial intelligence is already capable of studying behaviors and learning how to respond to them. Considering that this technology becomes more accessible and easier to implement, we can expect more AI-based solutions in 2020.

Politics Impact the Security of Civilians

The tension between East and West increases, and it will undoubtedly impact the privacy of generic users. The Internet is quite international, and there are almost no borders you could feel until you are not taking countries with censorship into consideration. However, governments still have enough power to impact the way the network works within a particular country. They issue regulations that control the activity of users, limiting their rights.

Even though censored Chinese or Iranian Internet sounds like something that’s very far away from reality, if you live in the US, for example, it impacts international cooperation. Thus, we can expect more laws and limitations to emerge. Ironically enough, these regulations will likely give hackers more freedom because such laws usually limit the opportunities for security-oriented and other tech companies.

Cybersecurity image for article 772772The Fight for the Truth

2020 is the year of the new presidential election in the US, and you can be certain that there will be a lot of buzz around it. Also, you can expect black hat campaigns that spread incorrect information. Malefactors have two approaches to reaching their political goals. They either spread fake news around the media, or they perform direct attacks against a certain candidate or a digital electoral system.

To fight false narratives, companies build systems that can detect fake information and propaganda. Such systems are either manual or automatic. Google and Facebook already have such technologies implemented in their systems so that they can sift out lies. And in 2020, we can expect these solutions to advance. On the other hand, malefactors will rather enhance their methods as well.

The Deficit of Cybersecurity Skills Grows

In 2014 there were 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs. And in 2020 we can expect this number to grow to 3.5 million. That’s the primary reason why hackers have much better technologies than cybersecurity companies – the latter don’t have sufficient resources to counteract.

That’s why businesses should invest in training their employees on how to stay private, prevent and manage hacker attacks. Along with that, firms should work closely with security professionals to implement fully automated cybersecurity solutions.

More Hacked Cars and Data Stolen Through IoT

Vehicles become smarter, just like all other things around us. And now it’s possible to hack them. A car is a very profitable target for malefactors, and we can expect them to attack more vehicles.

Smart devices at our homes also become attractive for hackers because these gadgets can provide them with a lot of sensitive information. And manufacturers of IoT items don’t face enough regulations yet to enhance the safety of their products. That’s why endpoint protection becomes one of the leading security instruments in 2020.

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