CZUR Starry Hub Review: A-to-Z Tool for Your Work and Fun

You must have seen the conference or presentation rooms cluttered with zigzag pathways of so many wires connecting several laptops, speakers, and projectors. Take all the clutter away with CZUR Starry Hub without even compromising workflow. Let’s look at this all-in-one magical solution for business meetings and conferences, which is revolutionizing how we work.

What is CZUR Starry Hub?

CZUR Starry Hub is a single device that satisfies all the tool requirements in a business conference. This cube-shaped device measuring 7.2” by 7.2” by 8.7” combines the functions of a projector, speaker, camera, and microphone. Dig deeper into the features explored below to understand why it’s becoming everyone’s favorite.

CZUR Starry Hub Features: What are they?


The AI camera with 1080P FHD quality gives an unmatched clarity compared to what you get in a video camera. Further, 120-degree angle coverage enables capturing people sitting behind the Starry Hub device. The impeccable combo of vivid detailing in image capturing and wide coverage makes the device perfect for video meetings.


Six in-built microphones on top of the device give you an impeccable audio experience, thanks to CZUR sound purification technology. The strategic placement of the microphones picks up the sound in 360-degree coverage and even from 10 meters away. Importantly, the microphones cancel out background noise and echo. So, you get maximum voice clarity while on a call with an overseas client.


The in-built 10W speaker works seamlessly to reduce distorted audio transmission. In large meeting rooms or halls, this device removes the trouble of getting faint vocals.


2200 ANSI Lumens ensure clear projection quality and image contrast throughout the projected screen size of 80-100 inches, even during the day. Also, AI optimization brings intelligent sensing of external changes in lightning and accordingly adjusts image quality. 4K resolution offers clear visuals. Impressively, the CZUR technology can remove 3D distortion.

Furthermore, eco-friendly LED light prevents you from getting sore and tired eyes.

What is most impressive about the projection features is its split screen feature. The Starry Hub can project a maximum of four screens simultaneously from a single device like a smartphone or different devices. And that’s not all. You can show charts, diagrams, and presentations in different segments on the projected screen.

Also, you and your family members can use the Starry Hub in the same room for different priorities. Your parents can watch the news in 90% of the screen area while you can use the remaining for playing games. This sounds amazingly sustainable and minimalistic, allowing people to share the projected screen for various activities, bringing down power consumption.

Is Using CZUR Starry Hub Tough?

The in-built features may project CZUR Starry Hub as an exquisitely sophisticated deal. But, the advanced technology guarantees you a fuss-free experience. Amazingly, the device is 3 kg with such quality integrations. The low weight makes the item portable.

Further, the power consumption is 140W that too while functioning singlehandedly as a projector, speaker, and microphone. Importantly, the device doesn’t get heated up with prolonged use.

The product runs on wireless technology. So yes, you guessed it right: it requires Wi-Fi. But you must be contemplating how to control the device, like switching it off or adjusting the brightness. CZUR brings a pretty cool remote called Touchboard, which is supplied with the device.

The top of Starry Hub is equipped with a charging and monitoring facility. Placing the remote at the top of Starry Hub switches off the projector and charges the remote. When you need to start the projector, pick the remote from the charging place. And voila! The projector starts working.

Further, the wireless Touchboard has a keyboard on top. The keyboard aids in typing out instructions on the projected screen whenever required.

Pros and Cons of CZUR Starry Hub

The main pro associated with CZUR Starry Hub is an all-in-one setup without having the hassles of controlling multiple devices. Plus, you get seamless operation with a simple arrangement. Just plug the device and switch it on, and you are ready to ace your video meeting.

Also, did we mention this product makes your communication easy-peasy? Yes, it has pre-installed platforms like Skype and Teams. The device, more importantly, is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Android, to name a few. Also, you can download any app like Netflix and watch your favorite series on the projected screen.

The only disadvantage of using the device in our review is people take considerable time getting habituated to its regular handling. Since it packs many functions in a single device, users need time to educate themselves on how to use it without any hassle. But then again, the item comes with an instruction manual.

As you can see, the list of pros for this device far outweighs its cons. That makes Starry Hub worthy of your penny. This device comes at US $1499, which can seem high-end. But, a one-time purchase of Starry Hub eliminates the need to buy projectors, speakers, and microphones. So, the overall bill of buying and maintaining many tech devices is higher compared to a single package of Starry Hub.

So, Should I buy CZUR Starry Hub?

This device deserves your penny if you have regular meetings with remote clients. Also, CZUR Starry Hub is great for movie and sports nights. The advanced audio and video quality enhances your experience of online entertainment and games. But, we advise you to consider checking the suitability of this device in your life. If your work demands a single laptop or PC, you better use the money for vacation (or trading).

Our Take

CZUR Starry Hub packs all the qualities to improve virtual presentations and online calls. So, if your budget permits, we say, “Why not buy this device rather than getting stuck with endless devices and wires bringing compromised audio and video quality”?

The makers offer worldwide shipping. So you shouldn’t have to worry about its availability in your country. The decision to transform your conference experience is just a swipe away.