Dangerous Texas Vacation Spots

When visiting Texas, you should eliminate the possibility of getting an accident if you access some spots. Adventure should be wild, but not at the expense of your life. Please take precautions as you venture into these notorious spots.

What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Texas

Apart from the freaky spots, Texas is a place to be. You will need a car to move from place to place as Texas is a big state. Texans are very friendly. They will compliment you a lot and help you through your visits. It is not all cowboys, tumbleweeds, and horses as it is in movies. The place is a modern hub to explore.

Dangerous Vacation Spots in Texas

 1. Texas-Mexico Border (near El Paso)

The area is notorious for the kissing bug. Please do not fall for the name as it sounds to be something fun. The bugs bite people and drop some secretion to the wound, leaving the host with fatal conditions that cause his organs to enlarge and cause possible heart abnormalities. There is usually very high traffic at the border, making the transmission easier and worse.

 2. The Bissonet/Sam Houston Intersection

The intersection in Houston has a label as the most dangerous meeting section in Texas. Between 2012  and 2015, two million reports of accidents were recorded by the Texas Department of Transportation. 

Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry when driving along this lane. Hiring car accident attorneys in Texas can be costly. On the other hand, you can sustain injuries that can completely paralyze your future. However, no matter how much caution you take, there is a possibility that things might not go your way. It is okay to prepare in case of such an event. Be aware of the top personal injury and car accident attorneys available in Texas to help you if you become a victim of circumstance.

 3. San Marcos River

The 260 miles river is known to have very rapid rushing water containing obstacles that include snakes, alligators, mosquitos, and fire ants. There are also underwater plants that can hold your feet firmly into the waters until you drown. When you visit this river, ensure to keep an inner tube for safety.

 4. Weslaco

1 out of 270 persons in Weslaco is at the risk of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Brutality in this area occurs at a rate higher than most communities that reside in America. The raiders tend to possess dangerous weapons to steal, assault, and murder people within the area.

 5. Village Creek State Park

Village Creek State Park location is in the Piney Woods of Eastern Texas in Lumberton City. It is such a serene place to hike. Apart from the poisonous snakes that live around the area and the periodic flooding that occurs in some areas, like the trails making it inaccessible, you will not regret the choice of hiking in this area.

 6. The Hamilton Pool

The pool is inside a canyon, below a 50 feet waterfall in Texas. It is famous for the large limestone rock that kids love to climb on and have their parents take photos and a grotto surrounding the mass of water. Be careful not to slide off the rocks while having fun. Also, be wary of the coral snakes that reside in the big stones.

 7. The Gulf Coast

Residents around this gulf experience a sense of uneasiness every time June is around the corner since the first record of a hurricane in 1900. Tropical cyclones are known to take the lives of the people around the area. The storms often hit repeatedly and are very unpredictable. Always be on the lookout if you find yourself around this area.

Is Texas Safe for Tourists?

It is generally safe to travel in Texas. However, be more careful when moving around the big cities in comparison to the rural areas.

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