4 amazing tips to deal with the major stock market crash

A stock market crash is not a very common event. But those who are willing to become fulltime stock traders in Hong Kong must have the ability to deal with a massive crash. When the price of the major stocks or indices fall in the global market without respecting any support level, we have a major stock market crash. Such a crash is usually the result of the bubble burst.

How would you deal with a major stock market crash - 4984984984984After the burst of the economic bubble, the bears slam the market to the ground without thinking about the disasters. This causes great loss and creates uncertainty in the global market.

Some of the big players and smart investors take advantage of such a major crash and make a fortune. Let’s learn 4 amazing tips by we can use to act like the big players.

Learn about the economic bubble

Those who are new to the market might not know how big players take advantage of the major market crash.  You can see the movie “The Big Short” to get a clear idea of how people make money by betting against their economy. It’s nothing like gambling, rather its based on pure calculation. If you take the data from the financial industry, you might find some anomaly in the market behavior and the actual data.

This where the bubble starts to form in the economy. As a smart trader, you need to spot such bubble well before it bursts. So, by shorting the asset, you can make some big money. Even if you are afraid of selling the stocks, you can stay in the sidelines and avoid losing money.

Be greedy when others are fearful

You need to be greedy when others are fearful. Buying the asset after the major crash in the stocks is a very tough task. But if you carefully analyze the data, you will find some specific stock that might gain huge benefits from the economic collage in a certain section. Buy those stocks in the long run. But never buy stocks for one particular company as the risk is too high. You must diversify the risk factors to improve your trading skills and only then you will be able to make some serious profit from this market.

Look for the bullish reversal signal

After a massive crash in the stock market, you need to look for a bullish reversal signal. By analyzing the bullish reversal pattern, the traders can take the trade with a high level of accuracy. To find the bullish reversal pattern, learn about the major chart pattern, price action signals, and use the most prominent indicators. But these are all technical variables. You also need to look at the fundamental catalyst. Without getting confirmation from the fundamental catalyst, you should never try to buy the major stocks.

Though it is very hard for the novice traders to analyze the data after a massive crash, it can be done using a few simple tools. Blend your technical and fundamental data and you will get some of the best trades in the market.

Trade with confidence

Losing confidence after the stock market crash is very common. But you must trade the market with confidence. If you lose confidence in your trading model, you can’t make any profit from the stock market. Trading is all about how well you manage the risk. Try to lower down the risk exposure in each trade and focus on the market dynamics. If you are not sure how to take the trades, take a small break.

Becoming emotional and trying to buy the bottom is very common. But you must analyze the news and technical data. You must have strong evidence that supports the bullish reversal. If not, wait patiently and be confident that you will find the bullish reversal pattern. Once you find the pattern, act accordingly or else you miss most of the extended price movements.


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