Dealing With Catastrophic Injuries in the Workplace

Accidents can occur anywhere, including your place of work. Annually, approximately 340 million occupational accidents occur worldwide, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). Even the safest jobs can pose dangers to employees in one way or another. 

Some injuries that people experience in the workplace involve nothing more than bruises, temporary soreness, and pains. These injuries require short-term treatment and don’t entirely prevent an employee from returning to work. However, other workplace injuries can be severe, prohibiting people from further employment. In worst-case scenarios, they can result in loss of life. 

Injuries that cause long-term, life-altering disabilities or limitations are referred to as catastrophic injuries. Victims and their families will often suffer the aftermath and grief from such injuries. 

The best way to move on and recover is to get justice. In such a case, it’s best to seek the help of an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to get the justice and compensation you seek. Here are some details to aid you in dealing with catastrophic injuries in the workplace.

Fight for a Reasonable Insurance Settlement Offer

Most insurance companies will steer the settlement in their favor, forcing victims to accept insurance claims readily. Doing so without considering the entire scope of the accident and its repercussions results in a low insurance settlement offer. Typically, insurance companies offer a low settlement on purpose. It’s their way of finding out if you have any knowledge of negotiations. 

Never rely on the insurance company’s calculations. Consider the extent of your injuries, medical care costs, and the value of your pain and suffering before settling on an insurance claim

Investigate Liability for the Accident

The medical expenses tied to catastrophic injuries are substantial, making it essential to investigate liability. In some accidents, there’s an obvious offender. But there are also cases when more parties are liable for the sustained injuries. When determining who is accountable for your catastrophic injury, it’s critical to look at the specific facts of your case. 

Collecting evidence will also help you build a strong case for your sustained injury. This can include taking photos and videos of the accident scene, noting accident details, and getting medical attention immediately. It may be impossible to do this if you’re gravely injured, but someone you can trust can help. 

Follow Doctor’s Order After a Catastrophic Injury

Seeking immediate medical care is vital for your physical health and injury claim against the liable party. But it doesn’t end there. You must undergo follow-up scans or diagnostic tests to show medical proof of your injury and healing progress. 

It’s crucial to prove your injury is genuine, and you can only do that by following your doctor’s order. It might be tempting to ignore or stray from your doctor’s advice. However, it can seriously hinder your recovery and full compensation for a catastrophic injury claim. Stick to what your doctor says until your complete recovery and case resolution. 

Seek Legal Advice as Soon as Possible

The legal matters associated with getting involved in a catastrophic accident are complex. This is why seeking legal advice as soon as possible or within 72 hours is essential. An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can help investigate your case and determine the parties liable for your injuries. They can help you recover the maximum compensation possible and protect your rights from start to finish. 


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