DearMob iPhone Manager, a fantastic free option to transfer data from your iPhone or make backups

DearMob iPhone Manager image 11iTunes was born as an indispensable program for Apple’s iPod, and over time, it also began to manage the contents of new devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Although initially it was a simple music player, many years later it is a real elephant, with all kinds of features that allow tasks as diverse as managing the Apps on an iPhone, watching a movie or making a backup of your iPhone, which you can then restore.

Yes, you can still listen to music on it, but its weight and countless options have made it unattractive in recent years, due mainly to its slowness. If you are one of those who like simpler programs dedicated to a specific task, DearMob iPhone Manager is what you are looking for. DearMob iPhone Manager allows you to manage all the data stored on your iPhone very quickly and easily; Photos, videos, Apps, electronic books (ebooks), audio recordings … in general any data that you have saved, you can extract it quickly or you can upload a new one from your computer, without using online services (which now all call in the cloud ) such as Dropbox, iCloud or similar, and all for free, without any initial or monthly payments to worry about.

For example, if you have photos to extract from your iPhone, this program allows you to download very quickly the high resolution photos directly to the folder that you want from your computer. It seems easy to do, but getting the photos in its original resolution is not so easy because of the way Apple has designed iCloud; If you upload them there, when you want to recover them you can go to and download them from the web-App of Photos, but that way you will only download a version at a lower resolution of that photo. It is not ideal, for example, if you want to print it in large size.

The way to get the photo to the 12 megapixels that allows for example an iPhone X, is to use the Apple Photos application and let it synchronize all the gigabytes of photos and videos that you have, again, needing a lot of time, space in your computer. With DearMob iPhone Manager you can backup iPhone without iTunes, just connect the iPhone to your computer, open the program, choose the photo you want, and click on the download button. You do not need anything else. The same can be said for the videos, or for the music that you have on your iPhone, or that you want to load from your computer.

No resolution lost during download

The downloaded photo or video will have all its resolution, its 12 megapixels or the 4K videos at 60 frames per second that you have recorded, without any loss of quality in the extraction process. It’s fast, simple and you do not need any Internet connection or configure complicated parameters … you do not need to wait for the photos to be synchronized. In addition to these data transfer features between or to the iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager also allows you to make encrypted backups , that is, with a password. If someone wants to restore that backup (something that DearMob iPhone Manager can do also back) you can do it only if you know that password. This allows you to have a copy of all the data of your iPhone safely stored on your computer. Not even someone with access to your computer can see your photos, messages or contacts without that password.

Highest level of encryption

The level of encryption of backup copies is the highest in the industry, used at the military level. Of course, it is also possible to make a backup without using any password, if you wish. Speed ​​is another the strengths of the program. When making the transfer through a USB – Lightning cable, spending several thousand photographs and videos in 4K only requires a couple of minutes to finish, in both directions. It is the fastest method to load a movie on the iPhone or iPad that you want to enjoy later, for example, on a long trip. This is especially useful for iPad users who do not have a cellular radio or a Wi-Fi nearby, but want to have a series of movies ready to play later.

The Apps manager also allows us to quickly check how many Apps we have installed and eliminate them. that we do not really use, a task that is done on the iPhone directly can be quite tedious if you have, like us, several hundred installed Apps, lazily accumulated over the years. Interested? You can use the free license code of DearMob here: