The reasons why DearMob iPhone Manager is the best alternatife for iTunes to backup iOS devices

DearMob iPhone Manager image 4444DearMob iPhone Manager is a complete manager that allows you to access and transfer the photos and data of the iOS devices connected to your Mac, deciding at all times which ones you are interested in importing and, best of all, with the possibility of encrypting so that only you can access the contents.

DearMob currently has a very interesting promotion for all of us who use the iPhone to take pictures,

iTunes is a fantastic program that has allowed us to have a new way of organizing music, creating customized playlists and adding all the information we want, from covers, lyrics, dates of edition … but over the years, the Apple’s obsession to turn it into a “hub” of all the digital life that powered its devices was turning it into an increasingly heavy and complex monster, where it was easy to find errors or loss of files without users being able to do nothing but suffering in silence.

Fortunately, apps like DearMob by Digiarty allow us to transfer the data we need from our iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) without having to resort to iTunes, from a faster and simpler way, since we only have to activate the corresponding boxes to have our photos and data transferred and ready to be used, for example to transfer them to a new phone, or keep them as a backup copy.

Let’s see step by step how we can backup iPhone without iTunes. The first thing is to download the application. Once we have downloaded it, we will only have to drag it to our Applications folder.

How does DearMob work?

Once we have the app installed on our hard drive, we proceed to open it. Even so, the interaction is simple and language is not a great barrier to understanding what we want to do. The main screen shows four large icons: the main actions you want to perform with the contents of the iPhone (or iOS device).

Photo: Transfer photos from the iPhone to the computer and vice versa, being able to change the format and encrypt the contents.

Music: Import and export music from the iPhone, compatible with iTunes DRM.

Video: Copy videos from the iPhone to the computer to free space from the iPhone, download and convert videos from the computer to a format compatible with the iPhone.

Backup: One-click backup of the iPhone, which can be used to restore contents on a new device.

If when connecting the phone the program does not recognize that there is an iPhone connected, it will offer us clues on how to solve the problem, although they are all quite obvious:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the phone.
  • Switch to another USB port on the computer.
  • Restart the iPhone and / or the computer

Also, once the device is recognized, you will have to use the iPhone screen to tell it to “trust” the computer, which is what will allow the program to access the phone directories. Surprisingly it is a dialogue window without any identification about who requests it or what software needs to be updated. Fortunately, a click on the “More information” button refers us to an Apple page, explaining that it is a necessary step for iTunes to recognize the iPhone.

Once the requirement is met, we can start working with DearMob iPhone Manager to back up photos and data from the iPhone, which is what we need. First we do a little research to see what the options are and make us a composition of the functionalities.

Too easy to be true.

We have also tried to transfer photos of the iPhone using DearMob. Notice for navigators: do not respect the “Hidden” folder (that folder where you keep the photos you do not want to see when you are showing the last family meeting). The photos I had marked as Hidden came out in the photo library recovered as one more, to my surprise.

Also, you have to keep this in mind:

If you already have the photos in iCloud, the program will not download them to make a copy on your hard drive. They will stay in iCloud where you can recover them when you need them – or configure your iCloud account in a new device).

Therefore, with DearMob you can transfer photos of your iPhone that you do not have copied in iCloud. Something that is more common than it seems, since the capabilities of iCloud are somewhat limited, especially if you use the free option. It is more than likely that you make more photos than fit in your iCloud account, and there comes a time when they stop syncing. Sounds great right? And for your info, you can get free license code of DearMob by clicking