This is Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Business Phone Number

Some business owners may wonder why there would be a need for a separate phone number that is tied to their business if they already have a mobile phone they use. There are many reasons that having a separate phone number for the business makes sense.

This is why your business needs a dedicated business phone number:

For one, having a separate phone number for business calls looks more professional. Start-up businesses and freelancers who work from home often rely on a mobile phone for all of their incoming calls. Having a dedicated phone line for business use means that you don’t have to share that mobile phone number with your business contacts. It also shows that you are not a one-woman/man shop and impressions definitely count for customers who typically gravitate toward more established businesses.

Feature-Rich Options

Virtual business telephone numbers are particularly useful for those who are on the go, offering many features to compliment the virtual phone number, such as call forwarding. Call forwarding means you don’t miss important calls from potential customers and current customers, while still keeping your private cell phone number private. In other words, if you will be out of the office for some reason and don’t want to miss calls, you can have incoming calls to your business’ virtual phone number automatically forwarded to your cell phone. You could also have calls made to one department within your business forwarded to another department, if necessary.

Another feature that can help your business is related to automatic messaging. Whether it is a voicemail setup for when customers call or an automated message offering the option for the caller to dial an extension to reach a specific area within the business. Customized messages are a great way to let customers know you care when you are away and that you will be getting back to them soon. This is why your business needs a dedicated business phone number.  Without a dedicated business phone number, you are unable to offer these simple features that can show your customers know you care while building brand loyalty.

Nothing Beats Phone Communication

Research shows that though online customer options are popular, most consumers still rank the phone as their number one preferred method of contact for customer service purposes. This is why your business needs a dedicated business phone number. It is essential.

Online retailers and other types of online businesses do not have the same advantage as brick and mortar shops in relation to one-on-one customer service they are able to provide. The phone is still the best for customers to speak with and interact with a company that solely operates online, and any business that does not display or offer a phone number for their customers to reach them is setting themselves up for failure.

Even if a business has never had a phone line in the past, the company’s customers will more than appreciate the introduction of this option for them to reach your business and have the ability to more quickly resolve any issues, versus having to go through email or support tickets to deal with challenges that arise.

The need to not only meet, but also exceed customer expectations cannot be understated. This is why your business needs a dedicated business phone number.