Five Reasons to Have a Degree in Social Work

Five reasons to have a degree in social work - 5What does it mean to have a Degree in Social Work?

A degree in social work means that you get to work in a public sector which lets you affect the efficiency of people and other professions. You are the person with a responsibility to bring a change in individual lives and also system-wide.

What makes a social worker different from any other person in a helping profession is that a social worker is directly affecting a process that shapes social justice. Social workers are working on state, national, and global levels to help improve the quality of life in general terms.

Career Options for Social Workers

Once you have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, you can start looking for a career of your choice as a social worker. One of the greatest things about education in social work is that you have myriad career options to choose from.

You can work in a non-profit organization, government agencies, schools, hospitals for the common good of the community. There are options to work for individual clients looking to make some sort of positive change. You can also work for teams or programs dedicated to improving the life quality on a bigger level.

So, as a social worker, you can choose the area of your interest and work to make a change you find yourself dedicated to. That is a lot of liberty compared to what other degree programs offered at the end.

About getting a degree in social work, you can look up universities that offer you online Master of Social Work. This way, you will be able to make your career after bachelor’s while studying for an advanced degree.

Salary of a Social Worker

The average salary of a social worker is around 50,000 USD per month in the United States. The salary of a social worker is supposed to increase substantially with experience. If you want to look at the detailed stats related to the salary of a social worker, click here.

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Five Reasons to have a Degree in Social Work

There are a hundred reasons to study to become a social worker. For a deeper study of the subject, you might like to check out this amazing book called ‘Introduction to Social Work and Welfare: Empowering People.’ However, here are five prime reasons to have a degree in Social Work to get you motivated if you are aiming to opt for it.

1. A chance to make a difference

Social work allows you to be dedicated to improving people’s life. As a social worker, you have a direct connection with people so you can know their problems. You can help families struggling with their mortgages or children with their addiction. If you are working with the government, you can implement policies that will improve the general quality of life of your community. As a social worker, you are making a difference by making each step of life easier, happier, and safer for every person around you.

2. Every day is challenging and new

As a social worker, you can choose to sit in an office throughout your work hours or be on the field. So, this is how you have more diversity of options regarding how you want to work. As most social workers enjoy working on the field, every day is new offering you a challenging situation to cope up with. This job makes your life exciting, and you are not just another person doing work to get a life. You work is your life, and you enjoy it.

3. Various degree options

One of the best things with education in social work is that you can opt to get a master’s in it without having a bachelor’s degree in social work. However, with bachelors and master’s, you get to work in different areas. One interesting thing is that you can voluntarily do social work in your free time if you want to bring some change but do not have a degree in social work.

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4. Everyone is hiring a social worker

Social workers are needed everywhere. In the States, social workers are more in demand than ever, and as per the logistics, there are a million jobs in that sector. So, if you have a degree in social work, there is a high chance you will get the kind of job you want. You can look at this quick guide to becoming a social worker.

You gain many skills on the go

One of the most interesting things about being a social worker is that you gain a lot of skills to help people cope up with their struggles. In the process, you learn to be kind, generous and understanding. So social work also gives you life skills which build your character and also adds to your professional skillset.


Now that you have enough reasons to go right away on your favourite university’s website and fill out the application for a degree in social work, you should not think twice. It is one of the noblest professions. Also, the professions that allow you to be on the field are always a little fun and exciting, so why not go for it? Good Luck!


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