How to delete reddit account permanently | Step-by-step Guide

Digital footprints are the perfect medium to express emotions. There are some top-rated platforms acting as the online thriving channels. These days, human communications happen mostly on these social channels. If you want to share some of your posts, then switch to the popular reddit account. Over the reddit platform, people keep exchanging news, posts, and content. If you are an active reddit user, you are aware that there are chances of upvoting and downvoting content.

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After a check on the security issues and privacy of reddit, you may take the decision of deleting your account. The users came to realise that the data in the account gets manipulated. So to avoid the risks, they want to know the steps of deleting accounts. Therefore, they want to immediately know how to delete reddit account.

If you want to make a stop to make use of reddit as of now, you can think of deleting the account. So, no worries and you can safely continue the process.

Guide On How To Delete Reddit Account

It is better not to use a social site that holds the greater chance of revealing personal responses. To avoid the controversies, users want to draw their respective safety lines. So, keep the sensitive data intact and find the way to be safe.

A user-friendly service is expected that will teach you what to do and what not to do for reddit account delete. The user should know that none can see the username and the comments will be visible without displaying the person’s name.

If you think of the fact that you can keep the account temporarily nonfunctional, then you are wrong. It is said because you cannot temporarily disable the account.

So let’s check the multiple steps through which you can erase your social presence. So, with a click on this informative guide, you will discover the process of how to delete reddit account.

Guidelines To Delete Account Permanently

To make your account permanently deleted, have to log into respective accounts. Next step is to click on the user icon and select ‘user settings’ from the drop down menu. After that the person has to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘deactivate account.’

Sometimes, individuals choose reasons for deleting accounts. Then they have to understand the information supporting the account delete.

Again a notification will disappear on the screen whether you are sure of the account delete. As the action cannot be undone, so carefully move to the next step. Here, if you are done by the listed instructions, the user can click the ‘deactivate’ button. After this final step, your account is permanently deleted.

The account delete comprises many other associated roles. Here, you have to take an account of knowing the exact method of deleting reddit comments. When you enter personal details in a comment, you want to delete the same. So, follow each step accordingly.

Is It Necessary To Delete Posts?

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Many users question whether they have to delete posts and comments on reddit. If your post contains personal information and comments, then you need to delete before deactivating the account. The rest depends on how you operate the reddit.

Surely you are interested to view the comments created on reddit account. To do the same, you need to check the reddit website.

The answer to the question of how to delete  reddit account is to sign in with the account that a person wants to delete.

Then you have to write the name at the top right corner of the website and better to select on the ‘profile’ key to view the profile.

To make it more particular, an user has to go through the list of posts and comments. To remove all these, it is a need to click the button supporting post, comments and delete the same.

How To Deactivate Account On Android Mobile?

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While deleting a reddit account on the android mobile, the person has to click the settings on the bottom of the menu. Next, after scrolling, you have to click on the ‘help FAQ’. Here you will find a search bar where you need to deactivate and click search.

After a re-entry into the account, you should put all the essential details. Next, there is the option of stating why you want to delete the profile. After a check on the line- deactivated accounts are not recoverable, you can deactivate the account.

Is It Okay To Recover Reddit Delete Account?

After answering the question of how to delete the reddit account, you need to know about recovering the deleted reddit account. No, it is not possible to recover the deleted account. Also, it is not possible to sign up or login with the username done previously. More to it, the reddit account doesn’t support the backup data feature. So be sure before permanently deleting the same.

The Bottom Line

When you think, you are done enough with the reddit account, you may delete your presence in the same. After using much of the reddit, you question your mind on how to delete reddit account. The smart suggestion is to follow on screen instructions. You can checkout Technographx for more ideas on this which will be of immense help to everyone who want to deactivate their accounts on a permanent basis.