Guide to design and deliver marvelous service experience

Up to many surveys, a customer experience business is one of the most important and fastest-growing business niches in the world. The reason for that is quite simple: we’re living in the modern world where companies are doing their best to provide an ultimate experience and create a base of loyal and happy customers.

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Attracting the customer isn’t an easy task, the competition is harsh, and many companies investing billions in the development of high-performing service experiences. However, if you want to deliver a top-notch service experience, you need to follow few basic steps. In the text below you can find 8 tips on how to design the customer experience strategy shared by experts from Engine Service Design.

1. Define the business strategy

You need to have a clear vision of your business. Set your goals and do it right, step-by-step. Once you put it on the paper, try to figure out is it feasible and define the steps and the timeframe. If you skip this step, most likely your business will fail.

2. Understand your customers

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Many companies fail and waste precious money and time because they didn’t understand their customers. It’s important to define who your customers are and to feel their needs and preferences. That’s the only way to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Many companies failed because they’ve created their visions of customer’s needs and didn’t take surveys.

3. Assemble the winning team

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It’s extremely important to find the right teammates. If you think you can work on your own, just forget about it, it’s impossible. You need to gather a team of motivated, smart, and optimistic people. A proper team will give your company additional value and make you stand out in a crowd. Hiring a professional may seem like a huge investment, but it will pay off in the forthcoming days.

4. Adjust to changes

The world is changing faster than ever and you need to be in a constant process of learning and adaptation. Your defined strategy needs to be checked and re-defined constantly. Your customers are changing their habits and needs, so you need to react accordingly. According to the surveys, one loyal customer is more valuable than 10 new ones. So, keep them, hear them and make them come back again.

5. Train your employees

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Don’t be afraid to spend your money on the education of your employees. Human capital is the most valuable resource in your company. They need to follow up on all the changes in a business environment. That’s the only way to provide a high-performing customer experience. It will cost you, but there’s no other way to succeed.

6. Get the customer service feedback

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It’s extremely important to get feedback from your customers. And not just to get it, you need to get it in real-time. That’s the only way to develop an ultimate customer experience. There are multiple tools to get feedback from your customer and you need to find the one that fits your company. You should have a full-time employee to collect, organize and report the survey results.

7. Get feedback from your employees

You need to make a survey process where your employees will give you feedback on your team and your work. And don’t do it on the annual level, you need to do it at least 4 times a year. If you do it annually, you may fail to react timely and you can endanger your work.

8. Reward your employees

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You need to motivate your employees. Reward them for a good performance. It’s good to have a habit to praise your employees from time to time. Otherwise, they will either leave your company, or their performance will drop faster than you think. Of course, a high salary and bonuses are the best motivation, but you can also organize a team building, reward them with some gifts, etc.


A service experience should be the key point of every company. Nowadays, the information is traveling faster than ever and a good reference from every customer is extremely important. On the other hand, it’s proven that bad references are traveling even faster so do your best to avoid bad marketing.

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