How Delivery Management Software is Key to Courier Service Success

In recent years, couriers and dispatchers have benefitted no end from using delivery management software. It enables businesses to become much more efficient with their route planning and helps optimize their deliveries, which in turn saves them money. But delivery management software has many other benefits besides that. Read on to find out more about how the software is crucial for courier service success.

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Types of Delivery Management Software

There are different types of delivery management software from which you can choose. For example, you may require route optimization software or delivery planning software. RouteXL is a good example of the former, and Circuit is a good example of the latter.

Both software programs can optimize a multi-stop route, so which one is best depends on your specific requirements. If you just need a simple software for router optimization, RouteXL will be best. In contrast, Circuit can also be used for things like planning routes, proving items have been delivered, keeping customers informed of shipping updates, and monitoring routes. Find out more about RouteXL versus Circuit here.

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You can also get specific electronic proof of delivery software, which can streamline your delivery processes and maximize efficiency. In addition to showing dispatchers and customers that deliveries have been made, the software has many other advantages. It can cut inbound call volume, speed up field processes, remove delays in receiving data, improve internal communication, and provide data for analysis and continuous improvement.

You Can Access Real-time Data

Many types of delivery management software include additional features that can lead to even more courier service success. For instance, it enables you to get real-time information on your couriers. You can access any courier’s position at any given time, which allows you to identify any problems early on and deal with them quickly.

You Can Increase Your Customer Retention Rate

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With delivery management software in place, you can access data to identify ways of making your delivery times quicker. By increasing the speed of your courier service, customers will gain greater satisfaction. So, delivery management software is fantastic for increasing your customer retention rate. If your couriers always deliver quickly, your company will establish a loyal relationship with its customers.

You Can Provide Customers with Quicker and More Accurate Quotes

Delivery management software gains data from every delivery made. Because it has that data stored, it can give instantaneous quotes to customers. Furthermore, a fully-integrated system contains so much specific data that it can provide customers with more accurate quotes than you would be able to give without the software.

Delivery Management Software Provides Better and Quicker Communication All Round

For a courier service to work seamlessly, communication is key. Delivery management software improves communication because of its real-time updates. Before such software existed, it took companies between 12 and 15 minutes on average to confirm an order. With delivery management software, that has been reduced to an average of just 1 to 2 minutes. That is because the program does all the hard work of corresponding orders and obtaining relevant data.

Once the information has been compiled, it is sent to a database and then distributed to a courier. If delivery plans should change, the system will automatically update and let everyone associated with the delivery know, in real-time. So, if there are any delays, changes, or issues, everyone who needs to be informed is informed.

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