Delivery Vehicle Accidents: How common are they?

Due to the boom in internet shopping, working from home, and companies offering faster delivery times, not to mention the lockdowns and isolations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are more delivery vehicles on the road than ever before.

In turn, that, unfortunately, means more accidents involving delivery vehicles occur.

But exactly how common are such accidents? Let’s find out.

Reasons for Delivery Vehicle Accidents

There are numerous reasons why delivery vehicle accidents occur.

For instance, causes of Amazon delivery van accidents include drivers ignoring road signs, driving while tired, being distracted, or driving recklessly, just like the causes of any other kind of road accident.

There are also reasons that are more specific to delivery drivers.

Customers greatly benefit from same-day delivery for parcels, and as customer needs become more of a priority for delivery companies, more courier firms are providing faster services.

However, that increase in same-day deliveries can result in delivery drivers speeding or driving more recklessly to get to their locations on time.

Food delivery drivers can also end up taking more risks on the road to complete their deliveries quickly. In turn, that can cause more accidents.

Many food delivery drivers make more money by making a higher amount of deliveries, so they’re more likely to do dangerous things like speed and run red lights.

Delivery vehicle accidents can also occur because couriers find themselves in unfamiliar places. When drivers are driving on strange roads, it’s more likely accidents will happen.

For example, delivery drivers might not recognize intersections where cross traffic doesn’t stop. Unfamiliar settings can also cause couriers to do things like disrupt traffic or park illegally, which again, can cause accidents.

How common are delivery vehicle accidents?

While there’s no source that shows precisely how many delivery vehicle accidents happen each year, it should already be clear just how common such accidents are.

And by looking at various sources, we can get a better idea of exactly how common delivery vehicle accidents are. For example, since 2012:

  • The number of crashes involving UPS vehicles has increased by 38%.
  • The number of crashes involving DHL Express vehicles has increased by 100%.
  • The number of crashes involving FedEx vehicles has increased by a staggering 254%.

Also, according to the United States Postal Service’s Annual Report to Congress, 15.43% of their delivery vehicles were involved in accidents in 2017.

Those few statistics paint a big picture. Delivery vehicle accidents are becoming much more common all of the time.

Can you claim compensation after being involved in a delivery vehicle accident?

As long as it can be proven that the delivery driver was at fault, victims of road accidents involving delivery vehicles who are injured can potentially gain compensation, just like any other vehicle accident.

Injured parties who were not liable for the cause of the accident can claim financial compensation for things like loss of earnings, medical costs, and pain and suffering.

However, depending on the specific delivery driver and the company he or she is working for, claiming compensation against the liable party can be much more complex than a regular road accident compensation case.

For example, Amazon delivery drivers are often not employed directly by Amazon but instead work for an outsourced delivery company. Therefore, depending on the exact situation, victims could file claims against Amazon, or the third-party company, or the individual driver.

It’s always best to get advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer if you’re injured in an accident involving a delivery vehicle.

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