Demand for Plastic Surgeons Continues to Boom in 2022

While many businesses and entire industries have seen hard times since the pandemic began, the world of cosmetic plastic surgery has instead seen a massive surge in popularity.

While all non-essential surgeries were temporarily closed in many parts of the world during the early stages of the pandemic, many clinics found that upon re-opening their bookings began to fill at a rapid rate with those looking for board certified surgeons to perform their procedures.

70% of Surgeons registered under the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported a 70% increase in clientele, with many fully booking up for the entirety of 2021.

But is this surgical trend to continue as we continue further into 2022?

So far, the signs lead to yes.

Surgery Is Still Booming in 2022

While the pandemic has shown us that the future can be very unpredictable, the signs are in place that the demand for cosmetic surgery is not planning on dying down any time soon. For starters, we are still in the midst of the pandemic, with many countries around the world still having the same or similar restrictions in place that existed back in 2020. These restrictions, such as travel bans or work from home orders, are a big part of what made cosmetic surgery such a popular choice in 2020/21, as people find themselves with excess vacation time from with nowhere to go, and using their vacation time and money instead for a “staycation” to recovery from their procedures.

Working from home as well, no longer seems like a temporary solution for modern offices. In fact, many workplaces have already sold their physical spaces, choosing to remain remote even after the pandemic ends. It is currently estimated that at least 25% of the workforce in America will be remote by 2025.

Working from home has had a big impact on the rise of cosmetic surgery for two reasons. Firstly, working from home allows for a person to recover from a procedure within their own home, a far more desirable experience than needing to be out in transit, or public spaces while recovering from a procedure.

The second reason is that the remote working often involves being on camera for much of the day for meetings, which has a person viewing their reflection for much of the day, which can make them notice more insecurities they have about themselves, specifically those related to the face.

So, What Procedures Are the Pandemic Favourites?

While almost all cosmetic surgical procedures saw an increase in demand since the pandemic began, the real standouts have been those related to the face. Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and facelifts, were among the top three procedures done in 2020, and while the stats for 2021 have not been released yet, this is unlikely to change. Besides that, liposuction and breast augmentation filled out the top 5 procedures in 2020.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have also seen a boom in demand, such as Botox, soft tissue fillers, laser skin treatments, and chemical peels, all are popular procedures.

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