How to Design and Print Your Own Business Cards for 2020

Business cards are here to stay, even in the age of Facebook and LinkedIn, and they are a worthwhile investment. So where should you start? If you want to print your own business cards or if you want to have them designed and printed for you then both are options available to you.

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To design them you need to make sure they are both aesthetically pleasing and also give enough details about your business or work to entice in potential clients or employees.

Here’s how to get that balance and right and how to go about printing your own business cards.

Come Up With A Great Design

The most important part of a business card is the design. This will determine the amount of information you can fit on to the business cards. The design of the business cards will determine your brand which you can replicate in other areas of your business life such as a website or blog and your Twitter handle.

good design is often minimal rather than crowded. The color scheme should not be too overbearing and having a white background is often a better option than a black background for printing purposes.

If the design is not your strong suit then consider hiring a designer to design your business cards for you. Be sure to be straight with them about what you want in terms of the design and give them as many details as possible about your business.

Find The Best Deal – Cheaper In Bulk

It can often be a lot cheaper to have business cards printed in bulk. This might mean you spending more money upfront, to begin with, but can avoid the need to keep going back to the printer for more cards every few weeks or months.

Be sure to get several quotes from different printers and compare them. But also get some quotes from machines that will print a certain amount for you. Remember there are also online companies that might ship in bulk but you will have to factor in the costs of shipping on top of printing cost to determine if it is worth it.

Another factor it is important to consider is quality. If you print from a machine then the quality might not be as great as from a traditional print shop so it might be worth spending the extra money.

Do some research into the quality of the DPI you need, particularly if you are adding images or graphics to your business cards. The thickness of the card is also another option to consider when printing your own business cards.

Print Your Own Business Cards – Weigh Up Your Options

If you want to print your own business cards then it is important to weigh up your options to ensure that you get the best deal for your money. Set yourself a budget and decide if you want to hire a graphic designer or you want to design your cards yourself.

Then consider whether your design has images that will require a higher quality printer or a special thicker type of card. Consider buying bulk to save money and also look at online options, taking into account the cost of shipping.

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