Best Design Trends in 2020 for Your Home

Best Design Trends in 2020 for Your Home
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Most home design trends tend to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but there are certain concepts that are pushing the bounds of normal in 2020. That means we’re likely to see more dramatic ideas used over the coming months than in the past. 

Here are just a few of the trends to watch in 2020.

Industrial Styles Will Become More Dominant

The industrial look certainly isn’t new. It’s been around for many years, but many new homes are being built that embrace the style. Iron, wood, concrete, and aluminum are all commonly used when an industrial look is desired. You can also take it up a notch by using metal stairs inside your home. 

Other ways for you to achieve industrial styles in your home is to get creative with your shelving and use plumbing parts and timber planks instead. Adding rustic pieces and warehouse-inspired feature walls and sticking to an industrial color pallet can also do the trick. 

Innovative companies like Doka Construction Formworks help property owners decide where and how to incorporate concrete to accomplish their design objectives. Contractors and designers also help property owners building new homes or updating older ones to select the best combination of materials for their projects.

More Owners Are Looking for Green Alternatives

Eco-houses are becoming increasingly popular, as they help property owners to reduce their carbon footprints both now and into the future. The newest eco-friendly designs limit the number of windows, tighten up buildings to eliminate air infiltration, utilize premium ventilation systems, and explore a variety of ways to make homes more comfortable without wasting energy.

If you want your home to look good and function properly without harming the environment, you can also use recycled glass, paint using VOC-free paints, go solar, and install a low-flow toilet. Sustainable living is very common today, so you’ll never run out of options to turn your home into an eco-friendly space.

New Designs Incorporate Smart Devices

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Today’s homeowners want convenience, and smart devices provide convenience and, at the same time, use numerous ways to save energy and protect the property. Heating and cooling systems, for example, are now controlled via home command centers, but those devices can also be controlled remotely using the appropriate apps. Home security systems are commonplace, but gone are the days when bulky, hard-to-use devices were the norm.

Modern security systems are efficient, easy to use, and include numerous ways to better protect a home. Sensors notify owners when there is a water leak, appliances malfunction, or an intrusion. If you’re building or remodeling, discuss the various smart options now available before starting the project.

Although expensive, using smart devices in your home is actually a cost-effective investment in the long run. When you use smart HVAC systems in your home, for example, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills because the system only works whenever it detects motion and would automatically turn off if there’s no one in the room. A smart HVAC system also has learning algorithms that work by identifying the household’s behavior.

Open and Multi-Purpose Spaces Remain Popular

Modern building materials like lam beams, steel, and concrete allow designers to plan homes that make the most of available space. In many instances, that will mean including large, open spaces. Some designers are suggesting there is too much use of open spaces in homes, but owners aren’t having it. They want those large, multi-purpose rooms.

En Suites are a Must

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Few new homes are being built that don’t have large, inviting en suites. Primary bedrooms have, for years, included en suites, but now other bedrooms are also including them as well. Guests feel pampered, and family members don’t feel like second-class residents when they have access to comfortable bathing areas. Even when en suites are not possible, it’s often easy to include luxury touches that were not commonly available in the past.

Floral Wallpapers

Homes painted in plain colors will eventually become a thing of the past. In 2020, expect that more and more homes will have floral wallpapers. If you want to be trendy, you should definitely follow this inspiration when designing your own home. 

Floral wallpapers are available almost everywhere, making it easy for you to find ones that suit your preferred theme and budget. Floral wallpapers are also easy to install, which means that you can install and replace them whenever you want to. 

Since floral wallpapers come in bold colors and prints, make sure to choose ones that complement the overall design of your room. For instance, if you’re going to add floral wallpapers to a tan-colored bedroom, make sure that the wallpaper also contains accents or prints in tan so your bedroom will be cohesive.

Include the Features You Need

Of course, not all property owners need or want what’s currently trending. It’s more important to include the features you and your family need to be comfortable. In many instances, it’s relatively easy to cut corners in some areas to better achieve your overall design objectives. Before starting any project, take the time to discuss your ideas with a design team and contractor to determine which trends are the most important. It’s much easier to plan ahead than to make changes later.

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