Getting a Designer Look for Less

Designer clothing and name brand fashion can be very expensive. Sometimes the appeal is that the clothing is expensive, meaning it is rare. Exclusivity is a big reason why people follow trends, it makes them feel like they are part of a special club. How often would you see someone else in a $300 pair of shoes? Not very often.

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Unfortunately, expensive also means it is hard to build a good wardrobe. Very few of us can afford to fill our closets with Gucci. Thankfully, these tips will help you get a designer look to your wardrobe for less.

  1. Buy Knockoffs

Yeah, it is not the real deal but it is also much cheaper. Sometimes going for the knockoff designer brands are great options, and they can often be fairly good quality. At least for the purpose of being able to wear them without worrying about ruining the material. People who wear authentic designer clothing will probably be able to spot it, but who cares, you want to wear this clothing for yourself.

  1. Cash Back or Rebates

Many online retailers or wholesalers can offer rebate/cash back options that helps you build up some credit for shopping with those online stores. Purchasing an expensive coat through a nordstrom cash back option is a good way to get a percentage of the money spent on return, which can be used on the same site, or freely anywhere you would like. Online shops like nordstrom are good places to purchase designer clothing because they usually offer sales that you would not find on that brands official site.

  1. Thrifting

Thrifting is a great way to save money on designer clothing. Your local vintage store or second hand clothing store probably has a stockpile of name brands for a tiny fraction of the cost you would find them new or at a department store. Even if there are not thrift stores in your area, you can find many online now too.

People are often surprised at the quality of the designer brands they find at a vintage store. Likewise, they are shocked by how much designer clothing can be found in second hand stores. There are also a lot of designer clothing pieces that are older and nearly impossible to find in new condition that you could likely only find through a good old thrifting binge.


Buying designer clothing is a big financial burden for a lot of us. Getting the perfect piece of clothing from a well known brand can cost a fortune. Spending hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes or a top does not sound reasonable to the common person. The silver lining is that there are alternatives to help keep your bank account happy, and your closet full.

Some of the options to keep in mind are buying “fakes” or knockoffs of real designer brands, which usually look pretty close to the original. Buy from wholesalers for cash back opportunities or coupons to save a bit, and consider what rare finds you can snag while thrifting.


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